Episode 12

My eyes quickly scrutinize her figure. She is wearing a mini skirt and a thin harmless blouse which has been made see-through by the rain, and one can see a good portion of her b0s0ms from her string vest. Before I say anything she greets me, and she says she was coming from somewhere and the rain started when she had walked faraway. She decided to come here because our place is the closest shelter.

“I am feeling cold,” She says, shivering indeed, “I need to meet Lara to get me a dry cloth and I will be leaving immediately the rain stops.”

“Oh, you don’t bother yourself with too much explanation,” I say, “just come in and change. It’s really cold … Although your friend is not at home.”

The look on her face shows that she is disappointed or she would feel uncomfortable with only me around. She shrugs her shoulders hopelessly and follows after me as I climb the staircase.

I directed her to Lara’s bedroom as we get inside.

“Thank you, sir.” she says.

”Just feel at home.” I say to her as I resume my seat.

I switched on the TV, and I changed the station to MTV base. I can see a considerable difference in this wide flat-screen in comparison to the small one I was using before. I have changed all the things in my apartment since I acquired my wealth. I have discarded my old furniture for imported ones. I can see my clear image through the grey imported tiles. I have changed the whole interior walls from cream colour to white and the colour goes with my white couches with curved silver arms; same thing on my glassy center table with silver curvy legs. in short my apartment now looks like a paradise. Although the decoration doesn’t suit my taste like the one I would have in my own mansion.

The young lady, or sexy Debby as Lara would address her, soon joins me in the sitting room.

She is now wearing one of Lara’s modest gowns. She is seated in the couch right opposite me. She crosses her legs and focuses her attention on the TV.

Some minutes later, my eyes stray to her direction as I think I heard a sound from somewhere. Then I realize that the girl has diverted her attention away from the music video. She turns her head sharply towards the TV as our eyes are about to meet. Who knows how long she has been staring at me? Maybe I need to leave the sitting room for her. I don’t think I’m a type of man that takes advantage of women. Besides that, my Remilekun will be here any moment from now.

In the midst of my thought, I hear a knock at the door. I hear the gateman’s voice again.

But this time he opens the door before I get there. Surprisingly he appears with my darling Angel! I almost scream, but I restrain myself.

Instead, I simply give her a hug and she fills my cheeks with warm pecks. I help her place her umbrella at one corner by the doorway.

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