Episode 8

“I promise. I will never try to betray your love again,” Titi says tearfully, “Any air I breathe, I breathe them for you, baby. I realize that you are the light that feeds the sun in my world.

You are my soul. You are my every….”

“Ss-ssh!” I interrupt her as she rattles on. I place my finger over her lips, and I draw her closer. Slowly I turn her face up. Her lips tremble, obviously yearning for a kiss. In her captivating eyeballs I can see paradise. I know she is afraid. I ease the tension for her by aiming my lips towards hers. Now she is holding my head closer and closer….

“Uncle Dele, the food is ready!” A voice from a far distance halts me as our lips are about to clash.

“Uncle, wake up!”

A touch on my feet yank me back to my right senses. I touch my lips as I sit up from the bed.

“Have I been dreaming or hallucinating?”I mutter to myself after Lara left for the dinning.

I take a deep breath. I have been dreaming about this girl over the past four weeks. No matter what I do her thought would sneak to my mind.

“I need to uproot all her thoughts from my mind and start a new life.” I say to myself.

The only way I think I can get rid of her memory is to keep drinking myself to oblivion for many weeks. It does work for me. I really need to go and take some bottles of wines tonight as well.

I don’t pray to dream about her again. If she ever comes back I shall never take her. That dream must be very stupid!

I take a glance on my wrist watch. 8:30pm.

Then I head for a hotel down the town.

Approaching the hotel club, I hear the sound of music setting fire of life into the atmosphere as usual. The rocking beats send many people swaying on their seats like leaves that can’t resist the blow of the wind. The music playing now is ‘I love my baby’ by Wizkid.

People of different ranks maintain their reserved places inside the club. The men of affluence have their separate gathering at one end of the club; their center tables are littered with expensive wines. The disco light flickers over and over. Through its multi-colour reflections I can see ladies of different statures, twisting their butt0ckz in front of their men, or rather their concubines.

I decide to take my seat at the verandah of the club. The place is a bit silent. I can feel the tender fingers of the breeze caressing my skin.

I am the only one sitting at the circle of five deck-chairs. Some ladies are sitting at the circle of chairs not too far from me. They are seven in number.

One of the bartenders soon hurries towards my table. I order for three bottles of champagne.

And in next to no time, they are placed in front of me. I gulp two fills from the goblet, and I relax myself.

Now I can see some of the ladies stealing backward glances at me while pointing fingers.

To them, they are doing that secretly, but I notice it all. One of them dip her finger in her mouth as she casts an amorous look towards me, and another keeps flaunting the wisps of her long hair. I begin to wonder why ladies always shoot seductive looks at me anywhere I am; even right from my teenage! Perhaps it’s because of my tallness, pleasing masculine features, and finally my built physique complemented by a fair skin.

My eyes suddenly fixes on one particular lady.

She is sitting between those two girls I am seeing directly. very fast my heart beat as I drink in that angelic sight.

Can people be so alike? She really shares same features with Jumoke, my first lover, who I lost about 17 years back. She died from typhoid fever. I nearly drank a poison the day I heard about Jummy’s death. Our housemaid came just in time to save me from untimely death. I couldn’t believe I could get over her thought, but with a continuous drunkenness her memory dissolved to a low rate. Now the memory is haunting me back at the sight of this enchantress.

Through the reflection of the streetlights far behind them, I can see the smiles that spread across her face. It’s just like that of my long lost Love! I think people are created double… I take a long sigh, and I begin to fill my empty wine cup.

“Oh my goodness!” I have spilled the wine all over the table and it slushes on my cloth. I bow my head, using my hand to tap it off for almost one minute, but it doesn’t seem to help matter. “I need to call this bar man for a hand towel.”

“You may use this handkerchief to wipe it off.” A gentle feminine voice says from above me, and I reveal my face to behold the good Samaritan.

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