Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 12

..Like an aggressive chicken looking for its chicks, I roamed the streets; confused and sad. My mind went back to what I had seen at Hajiya’s apartment, Miebaka would pay dearly for not only cheating on me with Hajiya, but with the girls.

I thought of Rifkat, how could she have betrayed me, no wonder they sent me out there to work with Alhaji…

A week before this incident, I had woken up at midnight and asked Miebaka to make love to me, he was also in the mood, but accused me of doing it to please him; it was supposed to be our first love making but he had told me that he wanted to keep me till the wedding night. I respected his decision, but I needed him to do it so I could clear the experience with Mr. David off my head.

Without options, I went to Alhaji’s office, but the receptionist had asked me to wait that he was in a meeting. I sat at the reception for hours, weeping. I kept asking God why he had to be unfair to just me

Alhaji: “Baby Shiber, why are you crying?” he stood up and hugged me as I walked into his officeI could not tell him what had happened, he did not know Miebaka was the love of my life. I told him it was tears of joy for the news he had given me earlier. I also told him I had resigned and ran away from Hajiya’s company.

Alhaji: “Yauwa! Shiber Baby, I will spoil you with so much kudi , wallahi” he promised We headed to his hotel room after he rounded up at the office. The thought of Miebaka kept spoiling my mood, I walked up to Alhaji, who had the slightest idea of what I was about to do, stripped, pulled his baba riga and flung myself at him, looked at me with his eyes wide open; I played with his hairy pot belly then smiled as tears rolled down my eyes, he switched position and dived into me like a hungry frog.

The feeling was amazing, I had not felt that with Mr. David, it was a mixture of tiredness and sweetness; I wanted more but I was tired. I tried to catch my breath each time he displayed the animal in him; the night was the best. If I had known that good sex was the therapy, I would have had it every day.

Day after day, we had sex like a compulsory chore, Alhaji had abandoned his business for me, even his family had not seen him in weeks. I moved to the university where I was to study English Language, Alhaji had paid for a comfy apartment off campus; he treated me like a goddess. The day I moved in was the same day my neighbour moved in- he was average height, very young and smart.

His dark skin and charming smile made him look like a pretty girl

Neighbour: “Hello Beautiful. You are the new neighbour?” he smiled and shook hands with meI thrilled in confusion

Me: “Hi. Yea. I see you just moved in too. Shiber, you?”

Neighbour: “Moses, Moses Bawa, Medicine…nice meeting you pretty lady” he winked

Me: “Your surname is medicine? Hahaha”

Neighbour: “No, I mean I’m studying medicine…” he laughed I did not know what took my attention to the middle of his legs as he spoke, but I could see he was handsomely endowed, I smiled back and moved the rest of my things in. Alhaji had come by that night to get a taste of his “Shiber yoghurt” as he referred to the taste of my v—a.……………………………………………………­…………………………………………School life was interesting, I was six months into the system; unlike other students, I spent my holidays in my little apartment. Sometimes my neighbour Moses would come around and keep me company- he loved my delicious moi moi, and each time he would make jokes about it

Moses: “You can open an international moi moi station with this your moi moi o…

You are such a good cook. How come I haven’t seen you all these years.

Maybe it is only moi moi you can cook sef, hahaha that would make you ‘ moi moi material’ and not ‘wife material’” hewould teaseOne night, I heard him quarrelling with someone in his apartment; they were exchanging raw words. I went closer to the door and heard everything

Girl: “You son of a b—h! You think you can use me and dump me? I’ll tell the whole world that yo d–k aint sweet, it’s just big for nothing. Bastard!” a female voice yelled

Moses: “The d–k is big for nothing and you have been glued to it for years, ashawooo you think I don’t have sense?” he yelled back I was confused, I could hear them throwing things at one another, it seemed there was a third person, but I was not sure. With my ears so close to the door handle,I heard a bang! The young girl had opened the door and threw me on the floor, she dragged her trolley cursing down the hall way.

Moses came knocking at my door the next day with bruises all over his face. He had asked me to help use some ice on the swollen part of his cheek

Moses: “That small Sofia did this to me, I will make sure she doesn’t graduate!” he threatened I was able to help bring down his swollen face and gave him some Paracetamol tablets, he fell asleep afterwards. I sat beside the bed staring at him, he looked so innocent and vulnerable, something had gotten into me indeed! I unzipped and pulled his pants; I could not help but let out the “wow” sound.

Moses had the biggest penis I had seen, not even the ones in the adult videos could compete with his.

He opened his eyes and looked at me, surprised

Moses:”What are you doing Shiber?”

Me: “I’mmm …mmm…ssorry…” I stammered and tried to stand up He pulled me back and smiled

Moses: ‘We are adults, I am attracted to you too…why don’t we just make it happen. Do you know how to be in control?” he asked I ignored his question, quickly ran my hands through his chest, and The Show began. Moses was a professional, he taught me things I could not even learnfrom

Alhaji; his pot belly and age probably prevented him from doing magic just like Moses was doing. We explored every part of my apartment; from the bedroom to the kitchen; I felt like a complete woman.

Weeks passed and I saw myself falling in love again, I was in love with Moses. It was not about the sex, yes he was good in bed, but he was a better companion. I had saved enough money from my business with Alhaji and was ready to go anywhere with Moses, so I brought up the idea one morning while we were laying on my small rug in the living room

Me: “You haven’t said anything about our relationship baby. Where do I stand in your life?” I asked

Moses: “I can’t answer that question until that big for nothing old man stops coming here to f..k you. You think I am ok with it?” he asked, lifting his head up to make his point I was about to explain things to him when we heard the door bell ring

Me: ‘Who is that?” I thought it was the dry cleaner“Baby it’s me” Alhaji called “I left the keys in the hotel, bude kofa mana…open the door I am very pressed wallahi” he added, pressing the door bell.

Gan gan gan

To be continued!.

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