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Ryan is a virgin teen with a hot mom

It was hard to contain myself as my mom walked out to the pool. Let me explain: I’m Ryan, a 16-year old horny teenager with a 13- inch cock, eight pack of abs, blond hair and blue eyes, I am rather tall, standing at 6’4″. Despite my physique, I have never had sex before, as I am always very shy around girls. My mom is a hot 57″ MILF, with huge DD tits, that are still firm, and an excellent figure, despite having had 3 kids.

I was relaxing in our family pool, when my mom stepped out in a bikini, ready to join me. I had gotten used to being around her when she was dressed normally, but seeing her in such a revealing piece made my cock start to harden. The problem was that because of its size, my 9-inch flaccid cock only barely fit into my swimming trunks, when it got hard it went directly down the leg, exposing a sizeable chunk of my cock.

When she got to the pool, my mom jumped right in. For a moment I thought I was safe hiding my cock between my legs, until my mom dived right up to me. As she resurfaced, she exclaimed “Ryan what’s that between your legs, it looks like your cock, but it can’t be they don’t grow so long. I was overwhelmed and couldn’t think of a lle fast enough, so I had to go with the truth it is my cock mom, seeing you in that bikini made it hard. I was such an idiot for saying the last part, I didn’t have to tell my mom that I was attracted to her.

Immediately, a smile spread across my mom’s face and she said “I had this effect on you? I didn’t know I could still do that”.

My mouth acted without following my brain again and I blurted out “of course mom, you are incredibly hot”. When I said this, she turned red, and said “not as hot as you though, that piece of meat is even more spectacular that the rest of your body”.

Then she said quietly “can I have a closer look at it”, seeming like she immediately regretted saying it. Feeling more confident, I said “yes, do you want to get out of the pool for a closer look?”. She immediately started swimming towards the stairs, and I followed her, my cock dragging along in the water. We got out, my mum walking sexually as always, her hips thrusting from side to side, until we got to the nearest deckchair.

I lay down on it, giving her a clear view of the last 4 inches of my cock, enjoying my view of her huge tits. She leaned over and pulled on the waistline of my trunks, her eyes getting bigger as she started exposing inch after inch of my smooth cock, until it finally was free, swinging up and hitting her tits. “Wow, this is huge, so much bigger than your dad’s, he’s only measly 5 inches long. “Growing ever more confident, her compliments stroking my ego, I demanded “now you’ve seen my good, I should get to see yours.

We were both too horny at that point to think about how forbidden this was, and my mother immediately obliged, pulling at the strings of her bikini top, letting it fall down, exposing her massive tits. I wasn’t satisfied with that though, and demanded that she take off the bottom as well. She obeyed my order, sexily slipping off her bottom, exposing her pussy, that was just as smooth as my cock.

Before I had the chance to enjoy the view too much, she bent over, resting her tits on the deckchair and took my cock in her hands, it was so think that she only barely managed to grip it with both hands, and so long that she could have stacked her hands five times and still the tip would have stuck out. She started jerking it, stopping every now and then to cup my plum-sized balls, it felt so much better than using my own hands.

After going on like this for some time, she seemed to feel frustrated that I hadn’t climaxed yet, remarking that my dad took less that half of that time, and tried to move things along by sucking my cock. Her efforts remained in vain, as my cock was so wide that not even the entire head was able to fit in her mouth, and she gave up, resorting to jerking me off instead.

After nearly an hour of enjoying my mom’s handjob, I wanted to move things along a little, so pulled back, sitting up in the process. “Did I do something wrong?” my mom asked. “No, not at all, you are amazing, I just want to give back some of the pleasure” I replied. With that, I picked her up and put her on the deckchair, that I had been lying on.

I started to kiss her, enjoying the pleasure it gave me, knowing how forbidden this was. I then started to trail my kisses down, pausing at her tits, sucking on her hard nipples, making her arch her back, thrusting them harder in my mouth, moaning so loudly that I was sure the neighbours would complain. After I was sure I had given enough attention to each of her nipples, I moved down, kissing her flat belly, until I reached the main course – her beautiful pussy.

Spreading her lips, I dove right in, licking every little crevice,

making her moan even louder. As I kept licking her, her moans Intensified, and she drove her pussy into my face. Hearing her moan so intensely, and knowing that I was the cause of it turned me on, ensuring that my cock stayed rock hard. It took only about two minutes of my licking to make her climax, her moans were now even louder than before, as she forced her pussy into my mouth, and squirted her juices all over, some in my face, others ending up on her body.

I was determined to give her the best experience she had ever had, and kept licking withouht giving her a break, and adding my fingers, inserting two of them into her pussy, and fingering her while I sucked. She came over and over again, screaming in delight, as her pussy clenched around my fingers and she squirted juices all over us. When I was sure that she was satisfied, I stepped back, admiring how I had just turned my normally so composed mom into a horny, moaning wreck.

I picked her up and carried her into the house, as I was sure that what I had planned next would make her scream even louder than before. While I carried her, she kissed me and said “oh baby if I had known what you were packing down there and that you had a magic tongue, I would have fucked you years ago”.

When I reached her bedroom, I tossed her down on the bed and went to lie over her, bending her legs up, exposing her pussy that was dripping in anticipation. I placed my member at her entrance, before slowly guiding it into her pussy. Just the width of my head made her moan in pleasure, her moans just intensifying as more and more of my cock slid in. “Oh Ryan you feel so good, you’re ruining me for all other cocks, fuck me with your huge cock” she moaned. Once about 6 inches of my cock were embedded in her pussy, she already came, clenching my cock, making me feel the most intense feeing of my life, as she came even harder than before. I kept pushing in, and by the time my entire 13 inches were firmly lodged in her tight pussy, she had come another two times, each time harder than before.

It took me a moment to get used to the incredible feeling of having a warm, wet pussy envelop my cock for the first time in my life, but I didn’t rest too much, as was determined to fuck my mom like she had never been fucked before. I slowly started to pull my cock back out of her pussy, going until only the head was still inside her, before plunging my cock back inside her, a little more forcefully than before, her moans intensifying as her pussy was stretched. I started to gain a little speed, pulling and pushing, fucking her harder and harder, as she came again and again, I used my strength to push against her orgasms. “Ryaaaaaaan you are sooooo goood” she screamed, hugging my neck as I fucked her “fuck me as hard as you can you hot, hung stud, I want to feel your cock stretching me and watch your beautiful body as you fuck me”.

I kept fucking and fucking, until I decided she had endured enough and it was time for a short break. I pulled my cock out of her completely and picked her up, slamming her against the wall, grasping hold of her tits and, after giving her a few seconds to calm down, resumed fucking her as hard as before. Feeling my hands on her tits must have made her feel even better, and as I kept fucking her, she came even more frequently than before. She had come and squirted so often that my abs were drenched with her juices, turning me on even more.

We kept fucking like this for two hours, in all sorts of different positions, missionary, doggystyle, standing up, missionary again, cowgirl, spooning and reverse cowgirl. I was surprised at being able to last this long, it wasn’t unheard of for my jerk-off sessions to last for up to three hours, bus since this was much more intense, I thought I would finish a lot earlier.

We finally ended up with me fucking her, one leg in the air, the other on the bed when I felt the urge to cum. My mom had one more orgasm and I exclaimed “I’m going to cum”, and started shooting load after load of cum into her pussy. “Your hot seed feels so good in me Ryan” she moaned as I kept cumming, my plum sized balls hadn’t been relieved for 3 days, so there was a lot of cum built up, as I kept cumming.

I normally came a lot, shooting for over a minute, but this intense experience meant I was cumming a lot more, I was still cumming when I felt that my mom’s pussy was full, so I pulled out my cock and kept shooting my cum all over her, covering her bogy from face to pussy in my hot seed, while my first batch of cum was leaking out of her pussy, all over the sheets that she normally shared with my unsatisfying dad.

I finally stopped cumming after several minutes, and my mum lapped up some of the cum, complimenting me on its taste. Usually, my cock would be flaccid after cumming, but I was extremely turned on by the sight of my cum covered mom, so it remained hard as rock. “Ryan that was incredible” moaned my mom. I resisted the urge to keep fucking her, knowing how exhausted she must be and instead decided to take a shower, to wash off al the sweat and both of our cum that had made its way

onto my body.

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