Episode 1

The street was lone and void of people who normally tour the route to their various destinations. This was quite unusual considering the influx of students and indigens who frequents the ever busy stadium road, which serves as a pathway to other areas of the town.

Femi thought to himself. Suddenly, he saw a human figure from afar approaching towards his direction, and without the use of rocket science, his modus operandi interpreted her to be a female. The closer she walked towards him, he was able to get a clearer view of her physique. The beautiful young lady was walking majestically with a well calculated step, notwithstanding the restless wind which stroke her hair from side to side. Her beauty had totally captured his attention, Femi felt butterflies in his stomach. A thousand thought crossed through his mind in a split second, he resolved to making an attempt towards knowing her as a brilliant idea popped into his head. Coincidentally, the lady kept staring at him as she walked closer as though they had known each other from time past, and just few inches before she walked passed him, Femi swerved into her pathway startling her, she was obviously taken by surprise.

They both halted, gazing at each other frantically into the eyes without uttering a word. Suddenly, she attempted moving aside until she was interrupted again as Femi kept blocking every of her move. This routine lasted for a while before she succumbed to his game while giving him an inquisitive stare.

“Please, pardon my manners.” Femi said breaking the silence. “My mom positioned me to bring home the most beautiful girl I have ever met for marriage, I was searching for her until I found you. And I won’t let go unless you follow me home.” He added with a tone of finality, coated with a cute wink.

The lady was marvelled by his level of confidence and humour put together, since the prospective bachelor was quite young to get married, considering his age. She thought to herself, as her lips suddenly curved into a smile, and then an uncontrolled laughter ensued.

“Are you serious, or you’re just trying to be funny?” She finally spoke with a huge grin on her face. She looked even more prettier this time.

“I’ve never been so serious. Time is tickling and mama won’t be happy.” He responded with a bigger grin on his face.

“Hold it, mummy’s boy. It’s funny how you intend to marry someone whose name you don’t even know” She retorted.

“My apologies ma’am. Lemme guess. You must be Isabella by name.” He asserted.

She gesticulated by shaking her head in the negative. “How about Gloria?” Nope! She replied. “No doubt you must be Patience Jonathan then” Femi said playfully.

“C’mon, must you always have to be funny. My name is Odunayo. And I’ll marry you on the condition that you won’t kill me with laughter.” Ayo replied twerling her hair stylishly.

Femi was elated with euphoria as he thrusted his fist in the air, his joy knew no bound as he attempted to hug her, but immediately he opened his arm, she practically disappeared out of sight, leaving Femi stranded with awe. Then, he fell into deep oblivion…..


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