Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

With a very cheerful and elated heart are the cooks turning the amala on the big pot that is carefully mounted at the rare end of the field, The atmosphere was giving out a very good aroma as the whole family of AJENIFUJA are rejoicing,because one doesn’t need to be told before one can sense that truly the preparation is for an upcoming wedding party.

Baba (Alfred’s father ) comes in “Ahahah,you haven’t finished your dressing ni alawe*”Baba said on seeing that Alfred is still watching the neatly scrubbed standing glass in his room as he adjusted his tie to have the perfect wow dressing
“I’m almost done dad, you know today is my joyful day, so as a fine son, I need to dress like my father”Alfred said posing round for his dad to see him with a hundred percent connection

Hmmmm truly he’s a younger version of me Baba thought “but that doesn’t mean you should use the whole day to dress because if you do,when will you get to the reception”Baba said as he sat down on the bed right behind his son Alfred
“In a jiffy dad, but I must get this done”Alfred said pointing at his tie tied round his neck
“I can see that the excitement is all written over your face today my son”Baba said as he teased his son jokingly
“Dad, I know you know that today’s event is just once in a lifetime”Alfred said still clinging to the mirror
“well you’re right but wait a minute where is my woman”Baba said referring to his wife

“I think he’s with the other women downstairs”Alfred said “Ehn ehn dad, that reminds me again, I want to ask you a question, may I do that? “Alfred said moving away from the mirror and went to sit down beside his father.

“So that, why do you like to call mum “my woman”

“You mean you wanted to know why I do call your mother my woman abi?” baba said as the noise that arose from his white flowing agbada which one can easily tell that it was ordered from the overseas disturbed him from hearing his son’s reply

“Yes dad, I really want to know why?”Alfred said as he was focusing on his father lips as he wanted to carry out all the words he(Baba) wanted to say.
“But why not let us leave this till another day”Baba persuaded his son(Alfred)

“Daddy No, please I really wanted to know that today”Alfred insisted
“Hmmmm, okay son, I’ll tell you why if you really want that now”Baba said as he removes his two sides Yoruba cap (popularly known as ABETI AJA)
“yes dad, I’m all ears”Alfred said still focusing on his father’s lips
“You see, I did like to convince you that women are more powerful than men”His father said

“How is that possible dad?”Alfred asked anxiously
“You See my son, women are the creatures that you cannot compete with (baba stands up and begin to move towards the burglary), they are the creatures that GOD created specially for the existence of human”Baba said
“How dad? “Alfred asked now becoming more anxious
“they are son, I can even say that if there is no woman, there won’t be life”Baba said as he began to talk in parables
“Dad but why are you saying this in favour of women”Alfred asked as he watches clearly at his father

“Yes son I will, why, because GOD gave every woman a particular and different power which is unique to them? “Baba said now smiling

“But if they have power they should be the one controlling the men? “Alfred asked
“Not like that son, the power I’m talking about is like a weapon given unto them,which they can use on any man they marry or any man that breaks their heart”baba said as the smile disappears on his face
“Dad, how do we know this weapon you’re talking about?”Alfred asked
“it’s up to you notice that from her”Baba said
“But how did you know that of my mum?”Alfred asked in a puzzled manner
“Hmmmm, about that, I learned it in a very hard way”
“I wish to know dad”
Let me tell you a short story about myself son
Alfred readjusted his seat
“Few years ago, when I married your mother….”

*Flash Back

(To Be Continued..)

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