Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

Day One

“You killed your husband? You killed our brother and you think you will go scot-free? We are going to deal with you so that in your next world, when you have the opportunity to get married, you will not think of killing your man. You are a witch and you will regret what you did to our Ike.” Ajuka tells Simisola who was weeping profusely in the living room during the family meeting.

Her husband died a week ago and the family called a meeting to talk about the burial. However, what Simisola thought was a family meeting turned into a blame game. Her husband’s brothers turned against her, blaming her for his death. Her husband, Ike died of natural causes as confirmed by an autopsy conducted after he suddenly slumped and passed on. But his brothers called this a cock- and-bull-story and decided to hold his wife responsible for his death.

“I did not kill my husband. How can I kill the man who married me and took me away from my husband’s house? I’m mourning my husband, my loving hubby and all you people can do is to pin his death on me? I think this is highly insensitive and wicked. How can I kill Ike, my loving husband? Please, you people should stop tormenting me like this.” Simisola said to her in-laws who refused to listen to her pleas. Her response even made them more furious.

“Are you calling us liars? Are you saying all the elders here are telling lies? You must be really out of your mind. You are highly disrespectful and we will not tolerate this insolence from you. All we know is that you killed your husband and you must face the consequences of your actions. He that brings in ant-infested maggot should not complain when the lizards come calling. You beat the drum for your husband’s death, and now is the time to face the music. You are an unrepentant witch but I will show you that I’m a wizard.” Ajuka, Ike’s eldest brother said. He was the one spearheading the accusations against Simisila. Ajuka never liked Simisola for once. When Ike wanted to marry Simi, most of the family members rejected her because of her tribe. She is from the Yoruba tribe while her husband was Igbo. They insisted that she is a witch sent to kill their brother.

“I did not kill my husband. I want to be left alone to mourn him in peace.” Simi said, but her comment was interrupted by Ajuka who stood up and landed her a slap on her face.

“You slapped me? What did I ever do to you? I have been a good wife to your brother. The hospital confirmed that he died of natural causes and now, you are accusing me of killing him? Why did you slap me? I do not deserve this treatment. If my husband were to be alive, he would have fought for me, but I leave you in the hands of God.” Simi said with hot tears dropping from her eyes. The slap was so hot that she saw stars.

“Shut up your mouth. I warned my brother when he wanted to get married to you. I warned him that he was getting married to a woman who would kill him, but he never listened to elderly counsel. Now, what I predicted has come to pass. You have killed him and you want us to leave you to enjoy his wealth? That is not going to happen. Your plan was to eliminate him and take all his properties, but you have failed. You only succeeded in killing him, but none of his properties will be yours. And to make myself clear, you must tell us what happened to our brother. You killed him with your witchcraft.” Ajuka said threateningly, looking directly into the eyes of Simi.

“Oh! My dear husband Ike, why did you die and leave me alone in this wicked world? Why did you die? I did not expect you to die at the time you died. Now, I’m left alone here to take all manner of ill-treatments and insults from your brother. If you were here, I know you would have fought for me.” Simi said tearfully. She was crying profusely, but Ajuka did not stop to threaten her.

“Stop shedding crocodile tears. That is all witches and wizards to. When they have succeeded in killing someone, they will now attend his burial to cry and eat free food. But I promise you, you will pay fully for killing my younger brother, Ike.” Ajuka threatened.

“What did I ever do to you Ajuka? Why did you hate me so much? Since I came into this family, you have been a torn on my flesh. Can you tell me one offence I ever committed against you?” Simi asked out of acute frustration.

“You killed my brother with witchcraft so that you will take over his properties. You know he is very rich. That is even why you have refused to give him children. You don’t want to give birth for him. You were married to my brother for five years and you did not conceive. Are you not a witch? Now, you must account for the death of my brother. I’m holding you directly responsible. And to be clear, you will not inherit any of his properties.” Ajuka said. He was still facing Simi who recoiled into her shell like a snail touched with fire. She has become very scared as she seems to be alone like a lamb in the midst of tigers. But she remained courageous.

“My husband willed all his properties to me. He wrote his will before he died. There is no way I’m allowing you take what rightfully belong to me.” Simi said.

“Will you shut that your dirty mouth. You did not bear a child for our brother, so you have no rights to his money.” Ajuka said.

“It was not my fault that I did not give birth to children. I’m not God and you are not God too. It is God that gives children. I’m not allowing you to take anything belong to my late husband. I’m the rightful owner. I will fight all of you.” Simi said.

“You are telling lies. You used your witchcraft to eat all the children in your womb. How can you give birth? Well, I do not have any other thing to say. Just prepare yourself for the burial. On the day of the burial, you will be required to drink water used to bathe him. If you drink this water and nothing happens to you, we will know that you did not kill him. But I’m sure something will happen to you because you actually killed him. So, be prepared.” Ajuka barked as he and other relatives left the living room angrily.

“I’m not drinking any water. I did not kill my husband. Jealous people, I will fight you to the end.” Simi kept shouting as Ajuka and his companions left the room.

“We shall see.” Ajuka said, turning one more time before exiting the sitting room.

Watch out for Day 2.

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