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The Private Driver (The 1st Month)

“Goodbye my love. This is so difficult for me but I promise you I’m going to be strong.” Ojo said to his wife Damilola who was already crying. It was on their wedding day and Ojo was travelling abroad immediately after they finished saying their wedding vows. They did not even spend two hours together after their wedding which was also a very brief ceremony at the registry. Ojo was travelling abroad for his masters degree and the commencement day was the next day. He was supposed to have been in school a week before but his flight was cancelled because of his wedding. He is an IT expert born into a rich family and his parents wanted him to move abroad for his masters. However, they also insisted that he must get married before travelling. Luckily for him, he had already found Damilola who agreed to marry him.

“I wonder how I’m going to cope without you by my side. I have grown used to you. The coming twelve months are going to be very difficult for me. But I also promise you that I will be strong and I will wait for you.” Damilola said to Ojo shortly before he left the reception area to board his flight. They waved each other goodbye and Damilola entered a waiting jeep as the driver turned on the ignition and started driving her home.

The jeep is brand new and the air conditioner in it made the interiors cozy and enjoyable. The new car was specifically bought for Damilola who was so much loved by her mother-in-law. She insisted that Ojo must buy a jeep for Damilola and also hire a driver who would be responsible for driving her to wherever she wants to go.

Before moving abroad, Ojo also bought a new house and everything needed for comfort was installed in it. A housemaid was also employed to help Damilola run errands. The house was like a palace and she was expected to live like a queen awaiting the return of her husband who went abroad immediately after their wedding.

“I wonder how I’m going to live without my husband. We did not even spend one night together. Not even one night. What kind of arrangement is this?” Damilola said as reality downed on her. She was talking to Mimi, the housemaid after the driver drove into the compound and she alighted from the jeep and went into the living room to try and relax her nerves. Clearly, she was not happy and it was afraid if she did not realize the full extent of what happened until Ojo had left.

“But madam, you are strong to be honest. If I were you, I will not be able to do it. I mean, I cannot just get married and my husband will disappear to abroad and leave me. It is not acceptable by me. Anyway, I’m sure your husband will be back to pick you up to join him in no distant time.” Mimi said. For the past one month, she and Mimi had become friends such that they share their problems. Mimi was free with her.

“He said he will come back and pick me up after one year. He is going to spend one year in London doing his masters. He will then come back and pick me after settling down properly.” Damilola said.

“But his family is very rich. Why didn’t they sponsor the two of you to go to London together? Even your husband can afford it. I wonder why he did not allow you to follow him to London instead of waiting for one year to end before he would come back to pick you. Both of you might suffer emotionally. One year is a long time.” Mimi said. She was genuinely worried about Damilola.

“Well, God will see us through. Besides, it was agreed that in order for him to concentrate on her studies, he should travel alone. I know and trust my husband. I know that he will not fall me and he will not fall in love with another woman. He will keep himself for me until he comes back.” Damilola said. She asked Mimi to bring her a bottle of wine.

“Anything you want madam, I will be here to support you in any way I can to reduce the emotional stress caused by the absence of your husband.” Mimi said as she delivered the bottle of wine to Damilola who opened it and happily poured out some of it into a glass cup and began to sip.

The time was already 8pm and she went into her bedroom to try to rest and catch some sleep. The day was hectic and she thought she would fall asleep as soon as she gets into the bed, but she was unable to sleep. She was emotionally troubled because she needed company.

“This is my wedding night and I’m supposed to spend it with my man. I’m supposed to be sleeping beside my husband. He is supposed to be here by my side. But look at me, I’m so lonely

that my heart wants to stop beating. What kind

of arraignment is this? Why did I agree to this

kind of marriage? Must Ojo do the masters this

year? Why didn’t he differ the admission? I’m

not sure I will be able to cope.” Damilola said to

herself as she jumped off the bed and went into

the living room. Even in the living room, she was

not happy as she grew nervous. The whole

room was silent, so she went outside. She was

surprised that the driver was still awake. He was

busy washing the beautiful car.

“Madam, are you still awake?” The driver asked. He was wearing only a short and a vest. He looks very handsome and he wondered if he is actually a driver that earns a low amount of money. He does not look like a low income earner. He speaks impeccable English with sweet accent. The driver looks well-fed and his beards were properly groomed. In short, he looks attractive to Damilola in such a moment of vulnerability.

“Yes, I’m still awake. Please, can I stay in the car? I feel so lonely in the house. The house is so big and I’m just the only person in it.” Damilola said.

“What about the housemaid ma?” The driver asked.

“She has her room at the boys’ quarter. Please, allow me to pass the night in the car. You can stay with me in the car if you wish. I don’t mind. “Damilola said. The driver was taken aback but it was not in his place to ask questions when his boss was telling him she needs to sleep in the car. He opened the door for her and she went in..

“Please ma, do you want anything else? I would like to go back to my room now.” The driver asked.

“I don’t want you to go. Please, stay with me. Close the doors of the car and turn on the AC.” Damilola said calmly. Her voice was inviting and suggestive of someone who craved to be touched by her husband, but the problem is that the driver is not her husband.

“I don’t think it is good to sleep in the car ma. Please, can you go inside? I will call the housemaid to keep you company upstairs.” The driver said. As an experienced man, he knew exactly what Damilola wanted, so he was trying to avoid the trap.

“Do you want to lose your job?” Damilola asked.

“No ma. I love this job.” The driver said.

“Then come in here and do exactly as I say. If you walk out from my presence, consider yourself sacked.” Damilola said loudly.

The driver had no option but to join her in the car. It was not long before the call of nature set in. They did what they were not supposed to do and Damilola finally calmed down. She came down from the car and went to her room and slept off peacefully.

“What I did was wrong, but it’s not my fault. I didn’t ask my husband to travel abroad and leave me lonely on our wedding night.” Dami said before she slept off.

Watch out for the 2nd month.

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