Episode 1

“There is no one without a past and there is no pass without a future people of God” I heard the pastor says as I walked into the church holding Rejoice’s hand and took a seat behind for coming late.

“The most important thing is what do you make of your past,how do you react to it? do you allow it to control you or connect you?
Do you allow it to mock you or give you access to victory?

Do you continuously dwell on it or you move on and forgive?” He continued

“Mommy we are late” Rejoice said to me
“Shhhh” I motioned her to keep quiet as I listened carefully to the pastor.

The congregation applauded the pastor for his wonderful sermon as he got through and took his seat.

Altar call followed and later offering,after then, we shared the grace and service was over.

I held Rejoice’s hand and we walked to where I parked my car,got in and drove out heading for home.

My mind was thinking about the pastor’s message today.

Something he said touched my inner being and I felt pain.

A feeling and a memory that I have been trying to let go of since 10 years ago.

I fell something wet fell out of my eyes and I realized I was crying.

“Mommy,won’t you buy me ice cream?” Rejoice asked bringing me back to reality.

“No I won’t” I replied as I wiped my tears

“You were the reason I was late for church today”

“Am sorry mommy,I wanted to stay with Daddy”

“Even when you knew he wasn’t feeling well”

“I am sorry please”

“Shut up,I am not buying anything” I told her almost shouting.

I heard some sniffing sound and I knew she was crying but I didn’t mind as i continued driving.

The gate man opened the gate immediately he heard the horn of the car and I drove in.
I parked and off the engine.

“If you like, don’t come out”I said to Rejoice as I opened the door and took my bag.
She opened the other side,came out and ran into the house.

I knew she was going to report me to her daddy as she always does whenever I scolded her.

I followed her in too.

As I opened the door and walked in,I could see some people sitting along with my hubby.

I was surprised
Was hubby expecting some visitors today?

“Here she comes” my husband said and they turned towarded me.

Rejoice was already sitting in the arms of her daddy.

I moved closer and greeted them.

I saw two elderly men,an elderly woman and a young man sitting in a wheel chair.

I greeted them and they responded as I sat down near my husband.

“Honey, these people are here to see you” he said to me.

I was a little bit surprised.

I don’t know them so how come they are here to see me.

“Jessica how are you?” The elderly woman asked me.

I was shocked!!

I remember that voice.

Of course I do.

That voice that drove a pregnant girl out into the street at age 17.

Then I looked at her

“Aunt Abigail” I screamed
Hubby and Rejoice looked at me wondering why I shouted.

I looked at the two elderly men.
I recognized one

“Pastor Eric?” I asked more than an exclaim.

Then I looked at the young man on the wheelchair.

My head began to spin.

I stood up in uttermost surprise

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