Trails Of An Abused Woman

Episode 1

“Ouch” Mabeline cried out. “Easy Emerald it hurts. “Am sorry mother, just a bit more.” Mabeline consoled her. “Mother, we are home.” Jokai entered with Jofin and Edama. He took one look at his mother and bursted into a fit of rage. “Where is he? Where is the mad man who wants to kill my mother?” Mabeline rose up to calm her son.

“Jokai, he is your father please just leave this to me.” He protested. “No way mother, he is a b—–d.” She bursted into tears. “I don’t like seeing you hurt mother.” Edama chipped in, she continued pacing the kitchen grounds angrily while crying and ranting about their father to the village head.

Jofin the third child and the second son of the family who has been watching silently since they all entered finally spoke up. “If you won’t listen mother, we won’t complain but the day he sends you to the hospital is the day his family members will bury him.” And with that he stormed off.

The people of Arata village are known to be unified and defensive, which meant they took care of their own. But the situation in Adong Janda house is more than what they could handle. They all loved Mabeline and her children as they were all good kids but Adong was widely known as a thug, none of them wanted to risk their life to intervene again in the abuse of his wife and children. So, when he decided to send them out of his house few months later, none was ready to receive Mabeline and her children.
“Out, I say get out.” Adong dragged Mabeline. “Please my husband forgive me, we have nowhere to go.” Mabeline pleaded earnestly. Adong slapped her face. “I don’t care w—e.” He dragged their bags and luggage out in the rain. “My beautiful wife will be here tomorrow and I don’t want her to meet you here.”

Devastated Mabeline and her children carried the thrown out bags and left for no where in particular.

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