Episode 1

A journey is always easier and faster when you know there is someone always there holding your hand through darkness telling you there is a light at the end of this tunnel.

That one person is my bestfriend kimberly.
She has always been there, through thick and thin. I remember when we first met at a bookstore when we bost simultaneously grabbed the last copy of a book on the shelf. You can have it said an angelic voice. I looked up to find her smiling at me, she got the prettiest smile i have ever seen. ”No, you can have it, i live closeby, i can always check back” she said. But… ”No but, i insist” she persuaded ”Alright if you say so ” i finally said. I paid for the book and we walk out of the bookstore together. ”I’m Kimberly by the way” she said. ”I’m Lucia, thanks for letting me keep the book”. ”You’re most welcome” she said. And that was the beginning of a long lasting friendship. ” could i get your number to call you when i finish reading the book incase you haven’t gotten it then, i asked.

Sure ”That’s so thoughtful of you” she said. I collected her number and told her i’ll be in touch. We said godbyes and we went our seperate ways.

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