Episode 1

I slowly drew close to the helpless man firmly tied to a tree and removed the piece of cloth used to cover his eyes. He stared at me with shock and surprise. He couldn’t believe his eyes.

“yes Kelvin. It’s me, why are you so surprised huh?” i asked with an unforgiving smile. His lips quivered, his face coloured more deeply. Tears instantly melted his eyes. Unfortunately none of it moved me. My heart was already made up and cold.

“Dear me!, Stella i beg of you. What’s in your mind?, what are you planning to do to me?” he managed to ask with trembling lips. I stared at his youthful body. He was so handsome, young and charming, but deep inside, he was nothing but a crook. A cunning b—–d. A gold digger.

I pointed the 9mm gun i held to his face, cocked it and smiled,
“nobody pulls a fast one at me. My face will be the last thing you will ever see in your miserable life” i threatened with a laugh while he screamed with all his might. My finger went to the trigger…….

How did my story with Kelvin begin???
I guess i have to start from the very begining.
My name is stella ****. The only daughter of a popular Imo state politician. A bonafide orlu daughter, but was born in florida which equally made me an American citizen.

I grew up in a family of four boys which influenced my life a great deal. I grew up like a boy and behaved like one until i became more matured. The only thing that differentiated me from my siblings was that i did my primary and secondary education in one of the unity schools in Nigeria while they did theirs abroad. But i however did my university education in America. So i really wasn’t a novice in Nigeria.
In 2009, i clocked 30 and fully returned to Nigeria with two degrees, a fat bank account, a hotel in owerri {which was a gift from my old dad}.

The current governor of my state equally was a close family friend and his contact was on my speed dial.

Infact i had everything a lady could dream of. Money, respect and freedom. The only thing that i lacked was a husband, but it really wasn’t as if i cared for one. I was yet to meet the guy who could command my unwavering respect and loyalty.

I already had experimented with a whole lot of them. Whites, blacks, french and so on but none gave me the appeal i wanted. Well all i enjoyed was perhaps the s-x….

Settling down in Owerri however changed my life. I felt i knew it all, not until i was brainwashed and screwed by a Nigerian guy. But nobody screws me and lives to make a story out of it…..

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