Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

I looked at the naked body beside me and suddenly felt disgusted, I didn’t want any tight attachment with a lady

I rose from the bed and started to dress up, as i was wearing my trousers ,the lady on the bed rolled and opened her eyes

“leaving so early…….? “she asked

I grunted

“Huh Huh…..

Yeah….. I am ”

Her voice became angry and hard

“but you promised me that you would stay for the weekend…… Besides,

We haven’t tried more hot styles that we aren’t perfect in….. ”

Her well trained flirty eyes strayed down my body and stopped at my zipper

“I haven’t even s—-d that large cucumber yet……”

Rita Ogechuckwu was one of my bad baby b—h

So good for s*x

Capable of any round

Perfect in any position

And her pu**y was f—–g tight and sweet

She had ample b**bs with tiny small nipples

I stared at her and said coldly


I think we are going to end this… ”

She looked surprised and shocked, then pure anger and rage showed on her beautiful small face…


Have i done anything wrong? ‘

I bent to wear my shoes

“No baby…. ”

“Then what… “? She asked

She stood up and walked towards me in a deliberate slow motion , she stood in front of me and placed her two hands round my neck

Slowly, she started unbuttoning my shirt, she started rubbing my bare chest and bent to s–k my male nipples

As she bent over to undo my zip, I placed my hands on her shoulders and said

“No Rita…

Am ending this….

Am going to drop a check of 500k for you…. ”

She screamed





I smiled coldly

“That’s where you are wrong Rita

I don’t love ”

As I dropped the check

I heard her say “if it’s another woman…

Am gonna kill her ”

I laughed dryly

“No baby

It’s not another woman

It’s just BOREDOM


With that I left the room hearing her scream and curse

I don’t need to introduce myself, you already know who I am

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