Episode 28

Hadar felt relieved that Zoe was returning home even though Zoe expression do not speak of joy but Hadar was happy
“Cheer up Zoe, Amos household do not deserve you…you are going home. Far away from Samar and her curses. Cheer up…things will be better back home and I curse Lord Amos house for all they put you through…

“I don’t belong with my father anymore. I belong with Lord Amos and he gave me his word of doing the right thing when the time comes. Let’s hope and pray to the unseen God that he should remember me otherwise I may have to remain a widow forever until I die. But I’m holding on to Lord Amos kind promise to me. Hadar If you have to say anything about Lord Amos household let it only be goodwill prayers and not curse. Blessing, good health…long life should be your prayer to them. I’m part of his family and I count no sin against him but I leave my fate in the hand of the all-knowing God.

Hadar did not say anything bad again about Lord Amos as they journeyed down.

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