Episode 20

The household was in an uproar, and Zoe was in the middle.

Those who did not believe Lady Samar’s stories about Zoe being somehow responsible for Kuwe’s death were now convinced she was responsible for Rolf’s death.
Even Zoe began to wonder if she was normal at all. She was also blaming herself heavily and did not bother to argue her way out as she was been accused.

“Two husbands dead just within a short period, is ill fortune. How could this be?”
Zoe was troubled. Not from people who crowded and accused her but within herself. Her emotions was in chaos.
Both Kuwe and Rolf had been wicked but there were many wicked men out there who went about their lives and nothing happened to them. “So why had her husbands been singled out?

Zoe’s throat closed hot, her eyes burned with hot tears. She was innocent. She had nothing to do with these strange deaths but rumors were rampant. Gossip ripped the household into faction and Lady Samar was the initiator.

How could her mother in-law call her a witch, she has never cast a spell or utter an incantation. She doesn’t even know how that is done or ever follow a road that lead to a sorcerer’s house.

She wanted to defend herself but every time she tries to speak she would see the look on others faces, if the eyes has bullet she would have been dead. it was of no use defending herself because they had already believed that she was a witch and some of them were even afraid of her.
Zoe was also afraid too.

From the day she has entered this household she had been treated like a despised slave.
Everyone knew that Kuwe had abused her yet no one uttered a word of compassion or lifted a finger to help her. And now even though Rolf had used her for his selfish pleasure and denied her right to be a mother, an heir who will claim Kuwe’s portion in the family also denied her been a mother to his own children. He bluntly refused and went on enjoying torturing her emotions and boldly declared that nobody not even God can make him change his mind.

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