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Challenges and trials are inevitable in relationships because of the imperfect nature of man. Regardless of how hard a person tries to live a drama-free life with their spouse, it’s usually almost impossible to do so. Infidelity has always been a major problem in most marriages because so many people find it difficult to stick to one partner for the rest of their lives without enjoying the intimate pleasure of someone else. Regardless, some couples still find a way to forgive their spouse who engaged in extra-marital affairs; but in the case of Tony and Becca, it was going to be almost impossible for them to get back together again, due to the HIV factor that was involved.

You know some things are easier said than done. Most people would advice Becca to stick to her man and fight for her relationship, but how many of them indeed can truly remain in a childless union with a man that was HIV Positive? If you can be truthful to yourself, you will be honest to attest that there’s a 99% assurance that you would walk away from that marriage. Tony could have been forgiven if he didn’t contact the deadly virus. The fact that he was going to put his wife and unborn children at risk if they continued with the marriage, gave Becca second thoughts about them ever getting back together. Too sad!

It took a while for Becca’s words to sink into Tony’s head. The fact that she told him prompt and plain that they didn’t have any home for her to go back to, made him devastated and sad. The young man was already going through so much with his health condition, so the last thing he needed was for his wife to walk away from his life. It killed him when he thought of the fact that he was going to go through this scary phase of his life alone. The greatest support system that could have had his back was Becca and no one else.

“Babe please don’t do this, I beg you. I know I messed up but I promise I can fix this and us too. Please don’t leave me Becca, please I beg you” Tony managed to say after being mute for a while. At that moment, Becca wasn’t about to let his pitiable words get to her emotions. She was grieved, but at the same time angry with him. “You are so selfish and wicked; yes I said it. Are you even thinking about me right now? Are you thinking of how devastated I am to know that my own husband not only cheated on me but have been infected with a deadly virus as HIV which could result to AIDS if not properly watched and managed? Do you know how I feel to know that all those times I begged you to give me more attention, you were having extra-marital affairs with other women? I cried myself to sleep almost every night because I missed you, while you were somewhere busy sleeping with other women. Tony, I hate you for everything you put me through and currently putting me through. I hate you so much, just get out from here. Get out!!” she angrily said.

At that moment, one needed no seer to tell that Becca had lost it and was ready to pounce on Tony if he didn’t take his leave. On seeing that she wasn’t ready to listen to anything he had to say, he waved at them and sadly walked away in shame.

That was the most traumatic and sad day of Tony’s life. The way he felt at that moment superseded the way he even felt when the doctor broke his HIV news to him. Loneliness and rejection slowly began to set in and if nothing changes concerning Becca’s decision to leave their marriage, then depression was inevitable. At this point, it’s safe to say that Tony had received more than what he ever bargained for and deserved pity and a second chance, but too bad things didn’t look like it was going in his favour.

After Tony left Peggy’s house, Becca burst into uncontrollable tears and slammed her body on the floor. She cried bitterly and refused to be comforted by anyone; not even by her friend Peggy. She screamed and rolled on the floor in agony; life seemed totally meaningless to the poor woman. It was quite tragic that her life turned out the way it did and at this juncture, she couldn’t help but ask God “Why me?”.

After that day, Tony began to suffer severe depression. He still attended work engagements and other important functions like a regular and full functional human being, but the truth was that he wasn’t himself and was dying within. After about a week later, Becca broke the sad news to her family and there was disarray and confusion everywhere. Due to Becca’s parents reaction towards the unfortunate news, Tony’s parents got to know about it too.

Oh My! You need to see how many calls Tony received every minute from people that were calling to confirm the truth about his HIV rumours. In a short while, the news spread rapidly amongst close family members and friends. The rate at which everyone was disappointed and devastated about the news of their beloved Tony being a HIV patient, actually worsened his depressed state.

Despite the fact that a lot of people were disappointed and devastated due to Tony’s condition, they still showed support to him one way or the other. His dad usually followed him to the hospital for check-ups and other health related appointments. His circle was so tight and supportive that they were able to conceal the news and not let the outside world know what was going on behind closed doors. Everyone tried their best to be his strength but that support system was missing one important person; which was his wife ‘Becca’.

It’s been almost two months since Becca left home and hadn’t been back. She was squatting in Peggy’s house while still figuring out the next course of action for her life. For all the time she wasn’t with Tony, he never stopped calling or texting her but she never picked his calls nor replied to his text. Her attitude towards the whole situation was one of the major things that killed Tony more than the virus he had contacted. Whenever he thought of how bad things had become, it usually brought tears to his eyes. Slowly, he began to give in to the illness and started fading away gradually.

Two months after Tony contacted HIV, he lost drastic weight. It wasn’t because he didn’t have the latest Anti Retroviral Drugs or medical care, but rather because he was slowly giving up on himself. Every evening, he would sit outside or at the balcony and look up to the dark sky. He would cry bitterly and talk to thin air as though Becca was there with him. It was usually a heart breaking scene to behold because one could tell that Tony had completely lost it.

One fateful evening, Tony sat outside and was lost in thoughts as he looked up to the sky. After staring at the stars and moon, he began to sing a sorrowful song to himself. He sang for a while with tears in his eyes. When he stopped singing, he touched his forehead to feel his temperature and tiredly got up and walked to the sitting room, then laid on the cold floor. He closed his eyes and managed to go to sleep on the floor.

The gateman came to lock the doors and saw his boss lying sadly on the floor. His heart shattered because it still felt like a dream to see the man that once hand everything under control in his life, now looking lost and gradually losing his zeal to live. The gateman carried Tony upstairs to his room and laid him properly on the bed before leaving.

Miraculously, Becca began to feel and share in the pain of her husband and suddenly became disturbed for no prior reason. It looked like the agony and depression Tony was feeling began to rub off on her. Despite the fact that Becca was still angry and was not considering to give their marriage a second chance, she still felt the need to be a good support system to the critically ill man. After a while of fighting with her conscience, she finally decided to go see her husband.

The day after Tony’s gateman carried him to the room because he slept on the living room cold floor, he woke up from sleep but refused to leave his king-sized bed. The whole world seemed unfair to him, as he kept wondering why he was faced with such fate only because he cheated twice in his marriage. Tony felt that his punishment was bigger than the sin he committed. He felt sad and cheated.

As Tony laid on his bed wallowing in pain and regrets, there was a horn on the gate and the gateman opened up. Lo & Behold, it was Becca driving in. She asked of Tony’s whereabouts and was told the he hadn’t left his room since that day. She climbed upstairs to their room and peeked at Tony staring at the wall.

Without announcing, Becca walked from behind and stood at Tony’s back. After few seconds, she gently tapped his shoulders from behind and he slowly turned; only to see his wife standing behind him.

Immediately Tony saw Becca, tears fell off his eyes as he looked into her eyes. She was touched too and stretched forth her hand and wiped the tears in his eyes. “You came? I know I don’t deserve it but thank you so much” he soberly said.

Becca dropped a few tears and said; “Don’t worry, I’m here for you now”.

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