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(This story will teach married men and women a big lesson)

Looks can be highly deceptive because most people don’t look like their reality or what they go through. If you ever want to judge a person based on their looks, then be rest assured that you will make a million mistakes because a person’s outer appearance only amounts to a small percentage of their overall personality. Who would have thought that Jasmine was HIV Positive? I know quite alright that HIV patients aren’t supposed to look a certain way, but the fact that Jasmine lived that sort of lifestyle with her health status was highly deceptive and unbelievable. How can a lady carrying such deadly virus be sexually active and sleeping with different men without protection? Isn’t that sort of action quite selfish and devastating? The fact that she deliberately went around haunting for men to fall into her trap, was highly despicable of her.

We all know that HIV can be transmitted sexually and we also know the dangers of Tony ever contacting that deadly virus from Jasmine. It simply meant that his innocent faithful wife ‘Becca’ was at risk too. It’s bad enough that Tony was at the verge of cheating on his wife, talk more of bringing home a virus that was capable of endangering his family. What a disaster waiting to happen!

If only Tony would remember his marriage vows and retrace his steps from cheating on Becca; maybe, just maybe, it would save his family the heartbreak and impending danger that was ahead. At this junction, all we can do is keep our fingers crossed and hope that things take a turn for the best.

After the nurse at the hospital asked Jasmine what her greatest source of encouragement as a HIV patient was, they talked for a while about the question before finally parting ways. After loading up on Anti Retroviral drugs that was enough to last for few months, Jasmine hurried back home to freshen up and prepare for her mini date with Tony.

The quest for what to put on for the date wasn’t an easy one as Jasmine changed a lot of clothes because she found the perfect one that could do justice to her breathtaking body figure. After a while of looking for the perfect outfit, she finally found something to wear.

It was passed the scheduled time that Jasmine was supposed to meet up with Tony at the hotel he was staying at. She hurried down there and was already 30 minutes late by the time she arrived. At that time, Tony was done with his business meeting and was chilling at the pool bar of the hotel, waiting for her to show up. Immediately he set his eyes on her, he adjusted his drink on the table, in order to give room for the drink she would order when she settled down.

“Look who’s here! You are welcome, have a seat and join me” Tony cheerfully said as Jasmine arrived at the exact spot he was seated. She smiled and gave him a friendly peck on his cheek before finally taking her seat. “It seems you were busy today, hence the lateness” he said, “I know right, I was held back due to something urgent and couldn’t make it at the appointed time, sorry for keeping you waiting” she explained.

The waiter was called and Jasmine ordered something to drink. They got talking about random stuff and also got to know a little about each other. While they conversed, Tony was trying his best not to undress Jasmine in his head because she was looking extremely ‘Hot’. The tight dress she wore did justice to her curves and he couldn’t help but steal glances at her body every now and then as they talked.

One look at Tony and Jasmine could already tell that she had him under control. She knew that it would be extremely difficult for him not to get funny thoughts in his mind about what he was seeing. The fact that Jasmine knew what she was capable of, made her one step ahead, every time a man was attracted to her. She was that kind of lady that needed no validation to prove her beauty and sassy trait. Tony was truly in trouble but wasn’t aware yet.

It’s been over a hour since the duo met each other. As the day got darker and things looked like it was going to take a drastic turn, Tony gradually began to recall that he was married to a beautiful woman that had everything he was looking for in Jasmine. A big part of him wanted to dismiss the meeting and go back into his hotel room but at the same time, a large part of him wanted more of Jasmine.

At that moment, it was the battle for the fittest for Tony to walk away from the temptation that was right in front of him. Just when it looked as though he was going to overcome the temptation, things got more heated.

Apparently, Jasmine wanted to take things to the next level that night and was ready to make the first move. “I’m feeling quite cold out here, aren’t you?” she asked in a low tone as she looked into Tony’s eyes. He knew where she was driving at and also knew what the outcome would be, so he felt it was wise to take her home. “Should I take you home?” he politely asked, “Uhrmm, I really don’t want to go home yet, I was hoping we could maybe go back to your hotel room” she replied.

Being a gentleman, Tony didn’t want to stress the talk any further; he accepted and they left the pool bar to his hotel room. It was a huge expensive fancy room; the comfort of the room alone was to die for. When they entered inside, Jasmine sat in the sitting room area while Tony went to the fridge to get some drinks for them. While he was gone, her eyes wandered around the suite as she removed her heels. The thought of Tony on top of her body made her smile in anticipation. After a little while, he returned with two glasses of wine and they drank together.

“I see a ring on your finger, are you married?” Jasmine asked after taking the first sip of the wine. Tony smiled faintly and boldly said “Yes I am”. That outright revelation made her want him more because there was just something attractive about the way he said it. “Can I ask you?” she inquired, “Sure you can” he replied, “Do you want me?” she bluntly asked.

For a second, Tony’s mind paused due to the manner at which Jasmine came at him. She was straight to the point, blunt and direct; she came at him strong and it made him speechless. “Why are you asking?” he managed to inquire, “Well, I just want to know if we are on the same page because there’s nothing I want more now than ripping your clothes off” she bluntly said.

At that moment, the atmosphere gradually began to charge up and Tony started getting mixed feelings of what he truly wanted; to walk away from temptation and remain faithful to his wife or fall into Jasmine’s bosom. It was a tough one indeed and all we could do is keep our fingers crossed and hope that he doesn’t take the path that leads to destruction.

As things began to heat up, Jasmine dropped her glass of wine and collected Tony’s glass too. She placed her finger on his lips and used the tip of her finger to drag his lower lips down. At that moment, it would take only the grace of God for Tony to retrace his steps and flee from the danger that was right in front of him. As she bent forward to plant a kiss on his lips, he stopped her.

“I can’t do this, I’m married, I can’t” Tony managed to say after going through emotional torture. While he spoke, Jasmine looked into his eyes and unbuttoned his shirt while at it. “Listen, I’m not leaving here tonight without getting a taste of you. I’m not trying to take your wife’s place in your heart, but rather want to make you happy tonight. Just let me do to you what I want to do, relax and think of only this moment here; this moment of you and me” she seductively said and kissed him afterwards. This time around, Tony lost the battle and gave in.

Have you met a tiger in bed? Jasmine was the perfect example of a tigress in bed. She was a bad girl and knew the act of love making just as she knew her name. Tony was a baby to her and she handled him like one. Not in a thousand years would Becca ever measure up or compare with Jasmine. The gap was far fetched that Becca could never meet up.

As Tony was lost in the wonderland of intense pleasure, he wasn’t aware that there was more to what he was getting that night. If only he knew that he was sleeping with an HIV patient, I believe he would have dropped dead or come back the his senses. The fact that Jasmine concealed that scary secret and wasn’t guilty for having unprotected intercourse with men, was a deliberate evil act. I mean, what would she gain by giving clean people the deadly virus? It’s apparent she was battling with depression or probably had a haunting past that made her want to seek revenge in such manner. Too bad Tony had 80% chance of contacting the deadly virus.

After over three hours of intense love making, Jasmine was tired and slept off beside Tony. He couldn’t believe what he had done and his conscience gradually began to prick him badly.

Tired as well, he looked up the ceiling with guilt in his heart and silently muttered; “What have I just done?”.

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