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{A decisive plan}

Vanessa pov

It was definitely that night, I still remember the foul smell of liquor and the loud clamour of young adults ready to experience the satisfaction of the night with lustful acts.

His cruel eyes as he forced his way into me.

Banging me with no ounce of remorse.

The night I got in his bed.

Just a night and everything changed.

“So pretty.” Faith my elder sister complimented me.

“Big sis, tonight is going to be so different.” I said gazing into space.

“I see, of course it should when you will get to see your crush Thomas.” She replied teasingly and repositioned herself on the bed.

“I told you already, am not crushing on him.” I replied already blushing by her words.

My name is Vanessa 18 years and in final year of high school.

Am one of the most pretty and brilliant students in school and because of that almost every boy in school wants to date me.

Including the richest playboy in school Thomas.

I wouldn’t say I don’t like him, am just the type that loves playing hard to get.

“Are you done?” My sister asked calling back my attention.

“Of course.” I replied.

I take my final look at the mirror checking out my curves and my toned big ass.

My high waist trouser which extremely brings out my curves not only that my crop top that clearly reveals the mid rif of my tummy.

If you ask me I’m dressed to kill, to make them all crazy just like I always do.

My parents aren’t in the country so I have all the time in the world.

I winked at the mirror and dashed out to the parking garage with my sister.

We got into the car and drove off to the party, a party held at Thomas place for his birthday.

It’s going to be great.

Thomas pov

I stretched my body to its full 5’10 length, my whole body aching deliciously.

It must have been due to the little fun I had last night.

I got off my bed, my pants and clothes all lieing on the floor.

I looked at Janet my classmates on the bed and chuckled softly as a piece of last night flashed through my memories.

She does know how to get a man begging for more.

The name is Thomas, I don’t need to do much introduction.

Just know am the handsome one and the playboy that loves to bang on any p***y.

Rich, sexy what else should I say.

Yes, am a Playboy infact I love that name.

A Playboy that makes any girl cry and beg on his bed.

That’s exactly who I am.

I got into the bathroom to take a quick bath, tonight is going to be different too.

A lot of bitches will be around since it’s my birthday.

After my bath I came out with my bathrobe and saw Janet trying to dress up.

I looked at her neck down to her ass.

It jiggles up as she tries to force it into her jeans.

“Hmm… That ass!” I muttered silently and approached her.

I held it into my hands and squeezed the full mass of those wondrous globe into my hands.

My one-eyed monster already rising.

“What are you doing?” She jerked me off sounding displeased.

“What do you mean? Am just trying to have some fun.” I replied and bit her earlobe into my mouth.

“See, am not like those cheap girls that you sleep around with, I just had s3x with you because I was horny and I want to.” She lashed out.

Why is she being difficult when I never even begged her for it, that’s just it, I never begged any of them before they came crawling on my bed.

They all did it out of their own free will except for this particular girl, Vanessa!

Such a pain in the ass, but no matter what I will be sure to have that girl on my bed.

“Ok, it’s alright.” I said and spanked her ass.

“Whatever.” She hissed and left.


Vanessa’s pov

I arrived at the party with my sister Faith.

The whole place was filled with boys and girls partying away the night.

I entered into the crowd which was full of wanton lustful desires.

Several boys and girls in thrilling contacts, kisses and lewd romance.

“This should be fun.” Faith my sister said.

“It will be.” I replied assuredly.

“You see that guy over there?” She said signalling with her head.

“What about him?” I asked.

“I like him.” She replied and giggled.

Happy new month from Mr p the untrained writer

“If you like him then go, we only have tonight, enjoy yourself to the fullest.” I said with a little words of encouragement.

“Ok.” She replied and left me standing in a spot.

Tonight is the only time we have to enjoy ourselves before our parents comes back and we can’t just let that pass us by.

My sister is in her first year in university, 20 years of age and very pretty.

We have always wanted to experience a youths’ wild night and tonight seems to be living up to expectations.

I need to get myself a guy too.

Thomas pov

Later at night the party soon started with the help of my friends Paul and Joe.

Am the only child of my parents so I get to do anything I want at anytime with no one to question me.

Tonight makes everything perfect since my own parents are not around on my birthday, so I will have all the fun in the world.

The whole house was set in order and arranged

Everything to make a party interesting were ready and in place.

Soon it started and different girls and boys were filling in the house.

Exactly what I had imagined in my head.

I sat in a place with my friends enjoying the party with a bitch sitting on my right lap.

When my eye caught a glimpse of Vanessa.


What the f*ck is she doing here?

The very person I want to see and f*ck right now is here.

Just the sight of her makes me aroused.

“Guys, Vanessa is here.” I called their attention.

“Wow… The beauty herself.” Paul replied scanning her whole body with his eyes.

I licked my lower lips as an idea creeped into my mind.

“You can try your luck tonight who knows she might say yes.” Joe suggested but I know that’s not going to work, I have tried several times but she always turned me down.

She’s the only girl that’s different from others, and that’s part of the reason why I want her more.

“No, she won’t agree either way, I have a plan and I will definitely get her tonight.” I replied looking around with lustful eyes.

“What’s your plan?” Paul asked.

I gave a devilish smirk to his question.

“Am going to r*pe her, I will force my way into her and make her scream for more.” I replied silently and chuckled.

That’s exactly what am going to do.

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