Episode 1

My name is Eliana.

I’m 20 years old. I work at a coffee shop and I currently hate my life.

For some reason, my parents have decided that I will not be ready to inherit their multimillion-dollar fortune at age 18 that’s why I need to wait until I turn 21. But can I survive constant harassment of my family members until I turn 21? Or will they murder me, eventually? This question remains open. 13

Right now my parents’ company, bank accounts, and estates are managed by the court-appointed trustee – Harvey Snow. My uncle who sincerely hates me. And the feeling is mutual.

Trust me.


“Broken cheekbone, mild concussion, bruising on the upper arm “

The doctor listed my injuries in a monotonous voice. I felt sick.

“When can I get out of here?” I asked referring to the depressing hospital room. 1

“I think I’d like to keep you here until Monday” 4

No, no, no. 1

“I’d like to discharge myself at my own request, if possible,” Okay, that was a bit rude of me, but I really needed to get out of here. What was making me really sick was the thought of hospital bills. 1

“Is there anyone to look after you at home?”

“Sure,” I muttered. It wasn’t entirely true, but Casey was in the house. Sometimes.

“Alright. I still strongly advise against this, but I can’t stop you from leaving,” the doctor said dryly.

When I was alone again, I went to the bathroom to see what my reflection looks like. If it is very bad, it may not be possible for me to go back to work right away. My face was terribly bruised. The bruises were shimmering purple, green, and yellow, creating a mosaic that I dreamed it would disappear from my face as soon as possible. 33

Somehow my charm faded. My eyes were quite large and my irises had an intense emerald color which I have always liked but now my eyes were dull and looked as if they belonged to a lifeless doll. The color of my light brown hair looked more dull than ever. I’ve always been petite, but I’ve lost even more weight in recent events and it’s starting to show on my cheeks. It didn’t look pretty either. 7

In other words, I looked horrible. 5

And it all thanks to Ethan (my uncle son). He really lost his mind lately. He almost killed me.

And for what reason? What a trivial motive. Money.


After I was discharged from the hospital, I ended up in an empty apartment. It was quite late, and in a perfect world, my 16-year-old ward would be home right now, but it wasn’t a perfect world. It was my little private hell.

I looked around the room to determine the condition of the apartment. It was similar to mine, in short, it was not good. It was filthy and ugly. On that note I need to take a shower after my hospital visit. And clean this shit up.

When I was trying to decide on what to do first, someone knocked on the door.

When I opened it, a tall man in a blue uniform showed up.

“Good morning, officer Aron White” the policeman showed his identification card “Is Ms. Eliana Snow home right now?” 1

“That’s me”

“Ms. Snow I’d like to collect your testimony about the incident from last Friday”

“Of course. Please, come in. Would you like a tea? Coffee? Water?” 4

“Water, if it’s not a problem.

I invited him to sit at the sofa and as soon as we sat down

“So let’s start from the beginning” he said taking out his notepad “what exactly happened that night?”

“My cousin attacked me,”

“At this happened here at you house, yes?”


“What was his motive?”

“I don’t want to give up my inheritance rights

He looked up surprised. “Can you elaborate for me, ma’am?” Officer Aaron asked.

I took a deep breath.

“I am the only person who has the right to inherit my parents fortune. They were very wealthy. My uncle, Harvey Snow, and his son Ethan Snow are not included in their last will. However my uncle is the court-appointed trustee who manages their assets as the closest adult relative. He did so for several years now. The closer to the final court hearing the more Harvey and his son Ethan harass me. They’re getting desperate. So far they weren’t successful in their attempts to scare me but latest incident… latest incident was too much. I’m really afraid they will hurt me or kill me. Just so they can get the money”

I currently have no money. I barely graduated from high school. I have no way to defend myself against Harvey or Ethan. I had the good reason to be scared.

“Well, that sounds like the classic case of blackmail, ma’am,” said the policeman. 40

“Yes, I think so too,” I replied feeling sparks of annoyance.

“Do you have any proof? Are there any witnesses who can confirm that he’s threatening you?”

“Not many people know about this. My adoptive parents were witnesses of Harvey’s open threats but they died in a car accident two years ago. Their daughter, Casey, is staying with me. She can confirm my story but she’s a minor”

“Well, it complicates the situation,” the policeman admitted.

“Is there any chance that Ethan will get prosecuted for this?”

“Naturally ma’am. He’s facing a penalty of up to three or even five years in jail, but if this was his first offense there’s a big chance he will end up on probation, maybe get a fine, or house arrest”

“That’s it? l told you that he wants to kill me ” 2

“I understand but we need something to prove it” 14

“That’s going to be difficult”

Harvey is smart. He’s subtle. He won’t just send me a message or a letter describing his intention. What am I suppose to do?

“Ethan… he threatened me in front of Casey I know it doesn’t connect Harvey directly but it does help my case, right?”

“People say a lot of things when they’re angry. He’s defendant will surly say he was under the influence of strong emotions” 11

“But he really meant it”

“Then I would advise you to apply for the restraining order”

“The piece of paper definitely won’t stop him. He needs to be in jail, his father too”

“I’m sorry that I can’t guarantee this happening ma’am. Start collecting evidence it’s the only way you can prove your case”

“I see. Thank you for your help officer”

And what are you thanking him for, you idiot?”

Fortunately, officer Aaron White left my house right after we finished this uneventful conversation. 3

The police were useless. I need to figure out how to protect myself.

Hi guys,

This is the first story that I wrote in polish (my first) language and now I’m translating it to English and this is the first story of mine that is fully completed. Now, I want to focus on translating it. I wrote it like that because I wanted to add more detailed descriptions and just let my thought process be unrestrained by my second-language skills. I hope my translation is good enough and you will enjoy reading this.

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