Episode 1

Going to a public school was my decision, i
chose it cause of the free lifestyle compared to
their counterparts in a private school , i spent
the first four years of my secondary school life
in a public school but as fate would have it i
was changed from public to private cause of
my notoriety and sturborness ‘The first two
weeks of resumption i felt different , was in a
different environment , no babes, no friends , i
was on my own and kept to myself alone’
On this faithful monday i was at the busstop
waiting to board a bus but there was none, so
i waited a little longer and i saw a bus and
flagged it down, ‘oga you get luck na na just
one space remain” the
conductor said ” oya na shey you get change #
200 ‘ i asked ’ yes yes enter make we go.
I entered and sat on the vacant seat which was
close to the door, the bus was about to move
but was stopped by a young lady she should
be in her mid 20’s probably 24-25, chocolate
in complexion with killer curves in the right
places, she was well endowed with a fresh
round B—m fitted in a top and a short jean
skirt that hugged her quite large hips and
revealing her enormous backside, guess she
must have been looking for a bus for a very
long time its obvious. [B] ‘Is there any space left’
she asked the conductor ‘no madam chance
no dey oo na the last chance this bobo occupy
now now’ the conductor replied pointing a
finger at me ‘Oh am going to be late’ she said with a little frown ‘ hey, i felt a light tap on
my leg, i turned to look at the person that
touched me ‘ lo and behold’ it was the sxy* goddess, ‘please do you mind if i sit on your
laps’ she asked, what!! I screamed in my
mind, meanwhile my J0yst!ck was already
rejoicing, alright no problem i just hope you
wont break my laps ‘i replied’ She laughed and thanked me and lowered her massive
behind on my innocent laps ‘ am going to
enjoy this moment while it lasts’ my J0yst!ck
rejoiced ’ she kept bouncing on my crotch
anytime the bus encounters any pothole, it
was like my J0yst!ck was ravaging her as she
kept bouncing up and down like she is
performing ‘girl on top style on my J0yst!ck,
she must have noticed my hard on cause she
looked at me and smiled.

The bus came to a halt right in front of my
school and she got down, i wanted to go down
but my hardon was visible so i made up my
mind to stop at the next bus stop cause my
hard on would have subsided. I got down from
the bus and paid but was told that the lady
that sat on my laps have paid my money
already, i was suprised and happy the same
time ‘when did she pay’ i asked myself ’ maybe
when i was battling with my erection ‘ i
thought and continued my journey back to
school and concluded in my mind to thank her
anytime i see her.

The following monday was a bad one for me ‘
you are just coming ‘ mr francis asked ’ i went late to school late when i stepped into the
school. ‘ And you are a new student were you
not given the handbook’ he asked ’ yes i was given ‘ i replied’ you better read it we don’t tolerate late comers in this school, pick and
go to your class ‘[/B] he said ‘ i did as he was
told and got to my class to meet it rowdy
thats how it used to be whenever a teacher
misses his/her lesson period. I got to my seat
and met a guy sitting on it ‘excuse me, you
sitting on my chair ‘ i said to him ‘ and so
what ‘he replied with fury and the whole class
that was rowdy became silent and was
watching what was happening between us ’
you have to leave ‘ i said to him ’ am not
leaving this seat cause your name was not
written on it ‘ he replied ’ i gave him a slap and a fight ensued between us , i am bigger than
him so he was no match for me ,i threw a
jab at him and it landed on his nose and he
started bleeding.

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