Episode 1

swayed my butt0ckz to the rythm of the song belowing in my head.. I whistled to BrainFreeze by Damien Knewschool. It had this intense reggae beat that pulsed my blood. The headphone is an addiction I absolutely cant break from!

I glanced at the wrist watch on my slender wrists and gasped. Shtt. I’m almost late for my shift! I vacuumed faster and put away the trash.

I’d just hosted a crazy party the night before; one i had no wish to host; but was swindled into. My friends came over and started Calling another friend, and so on. In 30 minutes; my placed was jammed full with writhing bodies and loud music.

Cocain lines were set. A mini bar was set up and my friends were throwing back tequila like water. I’d smiled in exasperation.. My close circle of friends are madt that way.
Infact, they provided 3 bouncers for the impromptu party and stragglers who wished to cause trouble were removed unceremoniously.

The floor manager was a hottie who I’d Forked the first night I packed in; so, even if other tenants complained, he’s got my back.
We partied hard till 3am before it winded down and I hustled everyone out of my place.

I didn’t even notice all the mess created because I locked the door, set up the security alarms and fell on my bed like a ton of bricks. I woke up feeling quite energized because I only danced; I didn’t drink. I shook my head. We just throw parties for no reason at all! I yawned and wandered to the living room. I stopped in shock! The place was a mess.. Then I began cleaning it up.

I rushed into the bathroom and took a short shower to wash up all the sweat I’d worked up from cleaning. I need to dress up quickly and leave.

I wore my clothes swiftly and wore no makeup.

I packed my frizzy hair into a bun and used an elastic band to hold it up. The hospital I worked at is just some few blocks from my high rise.

I got to the living room and heard the bell.

That must be the laundry man! I’d dropped my scrubs off at the laundry; I couldn’t get an unidentified stain off. I didn’t even look in the peephole; I pulled the door open in a rush.

José came into view. The Hot floor manager.
I felt a wave of lust fill me. He’s so lean and feline. He has this Hispanic feature that complements him well. He looks almost pretty; the kind of guy that gets you jealous and insecure about your own looks as a female.
“Hey chica, how’re you?” He bent to kiss my neck and I got a whiff of his cologne. Succinct images of our night of lust filled my mind. He straightened and flicked a frizzy hair that has escaped back.

“I’m rushing to work now..” I said on a fast intake of breath. Oh my God. He’s going to notice my stupid crush on him! I tried to take a steady breathe in. And control the fast beat of my heart.

He smiled and his perfect dentures came into view.. ”How about some..” His voice turned husky.. ”sweet necking right now..” Fork it. He gently bent again and nipped my ears. My blood roared.

Oh my goodness. I’ve been dreaming of this for weeks! why did it have to be on my shift!

“I’d be late for work José..”
I whispered… He pulled me inside my apartment and locked the door.

“Id give you a ride on my bike, drop you off at work..” He didn’t bother with niceties.

He turned me over and began squeezing my breasts, while unbuckling his belt. I m0aned in desire. I cannot wait to swallow his J0yst!ck.

I love giving head. I’d give you head anywhere, anytime.

I knelt automatically and his J0yst!ck sprung out.

Slim and long. I clenched my thighs in avid desire. I didn’t waste time. I bobbed my head and took him deep. I wasn’t born with a gag reflex.

My head bobbed deeper and harder and felt my K!ttyC@t began to spurt juices. Fork. I resisted the urge to finger myself as I believed I’d get some hot Bleeping soon. My wishes were just that- wishes.

The next thing I was hearing was.. ”Swallow me baby.. Swallow me deep..” I popped the J0yst!ck out of my mouth and i couldn’t believe the next thing that happened. His J0yst!ck began to jerk and like it was slow motion, I saw Pour flying out. I jerked off like a bullet; I don’t want that Shtt staining me.

I looked at him in disgust and sighed. The fu-Cker came! After getting me all wet and bothered!

And to make matters worse, I could see his J0yst!ck shrivel and go flaccid! I looked at the time.. Work! I rushed to my bedroom to check my reflection in the mirror, hope I’m not hiding some runaway Pour.

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