Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

Can you imagine?

Gretta and I had attended the same secondary school, the same university and now working in the same company???

Thanks to my ambitious mother that wanted me to work in Sparkles at all cost!!! Though, not like I even cared anybit about the ranting Gretta after all.

I ignored her and continued going through the company record that my manager had told me to arrange that morning when all of a sudden, the ranting Gretta marched towards my desk and pulled everything on my desk to the floor.

That got me.


I gave her the heaviest slap that she had ever received in her life and when she tried to retaliate, I kicked her hard on her stomach.

She began to cry heartily. “Somebody help! Rosa wants to kill me!!!”.

Almost half of Sparkles workers rushed to my office to rescue her.

It was not the first time that I was fighting with Gretta so they were not surprised.

“Mother fucker”. Nelson always called me that anytime I caused trouble. No need for too much introduction. Nelson is my best friend turned brother.

Well as usual, Gretta carried her foolish self back to her office while i continued recording the company records.

After hours of compiling the records, it was that moment that I realized that I was the only worker that was still at the company except the security guards who were still parading downstairs.

All Sparkles workers had already gone home.

Suddenly I heard a thud.

Did it come from outside?

I rushed towards where the sound had come from .

I looked out of the window and saw a corpse on the floor.

A corpse???

Someone had fallen off Sparkles high building.

I used the elevator to get downstairs and when I got to where the corpse was lying, the security guards had already gathered around it.

“Were you the only one in the building?” One of the security guards fired at me.

I was surprised to see who was the corpse.


Someone had thrown Gretta out of the building and I had been the only one in the building when that happened.

It was the last cigarette.

The last cigarette in the pack.

I had smoked fifteen sticks.

It seems like I love cigarette more than food.

Yeah, people called me mrs Benson because it was my favourite.

Benson cigarette.

As I was about to flip open the seventh bottle of trophy that I had taken for the morning, I heard a knock on the door of my room.

Thank God it was open because I was not in the mood to get off my soft bed.

Surprisingly, it was my dad.

He glared at me. “What crime did you commit this time?”.

I was a bit taken aback. “What do you mean dad?”

“The cops are looking for you”.

Before I knew it, the strength that I didn’t have to close the door earlier overpowered me from nowhere and I got to my feet and rushed towards the sitting room.

There was the police and a detective.

The famous strikingly handsome detective.

The deadly detective that every rich man in Nigeria feared.

Raymond Maxson.

He handcuffed me. “You are under arrest for the murder of Gretta Anderson. Any word from you will be used against you in the court of law and I bet you, rich dad won’t be able to bail you out this time”. He glared at me.

It was going to be a tough game.

I had been the only one in the company with the same girl that I had a fight with in the morning who had died the same day and because everyone knew me as a bad girl, no one would believe that I was not capable of killing anyone.

No one.

The battle has just begun

The righteous detective


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