Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

I wouldn’t love my mum to see those tears in my eyes, So I wiped the tears away without her knowing.

“Are you crying? ” my mum asked me.

Her head was on my lap on the hospital bed we were; me and my mum.

“No, Crying kèh. Mum, I’m not crying oo” I said, as I was smiling.

If you were there on that day, You would undoubtedly know that the smile wasn’t intentional. It was out of sadness.

“Please don’t cry!. I promise to be fine! ” mum said, as she manage to smile.

“I trust you would be fine, mum” I responded, as I pecked her.

I was just thirteen years old then. What have I known? Where could I go, and what on earth could I do alone by myself without my mum being around?. I couldn’t take the risk of loosing my mum.

Obadele hospital where we were on that day was the eighth hospital we had took my mum to. Everyone of them kept saying we should just take mum back to home. They said my mum’s condition was onto God’s hand. They always told my Dad to stop wasting his money on my mum.

“But even if anything happen to me,Omowumi, My beautiful daughter, please don’t cry,Don’t hurt yourself please. Know that, That’s how God want it” My mum said, as she started crying.

I felt shocked and surprised hearing my mum talking this way.

“No, Mum, You’re going to be fine” I assured her with faith.

The doctor then came in.

“Where’s your Dad, little Girl? ” he asked.

“He will soon be here, sir” I responded.

The doctor was about to say another word, when my daddy came in.

As the doctor saw my Dad, They exchanged greetings and he called him to his office.

When my Dad came out from the doctor’s office, He told me that it was time for us to be going back home.

“But my mum is not fine yet, Daddy. How could we? ” I asked.

My Dad’s eyes were filled with tears and he couldn’t respond to my question.

“It’s fine. Just let us go” My Dad said.

Well, I followed my Dad’s words and we left the hospital to home.

It wasn’t more than five minutes we got home and placed my mum on the bed, she called me and started advising me motherly.

do this, don’t do that. Say this, don’t say that.

All those pieces of advice were said to me by my mum.

Then she ended her words with

“I’m sorry. I can’t escort you and accompany you more than these miles. Take care, my daughter! ” my mum said, and breathed down.

I noticed she was no more talking, breathing or moving, so I shouted.

“Daddy, come and see mummy oh”

My Dad got there and confirmed my mum had d!ed.

That was how I lost my mum to the hand of dèath.

Later after two years, My daddy thought living would be hard for me without having a step mum who would be helping me and serve as my mum, so he remarried to this w!cked woman called “Bòla”.

On the first day my Dad introduced her to me, I felt somehow Uncomfortable with her, But well, I thought I was bothered with something else.

“Call me aunty Bòla” she said.

I thought calling her by her name was kind of being disrespectful.

” “my mum” I’ll be calling you” I said.

After a week she got married to my Dad, I had a dream she jumped on my Dad and stabbèd him till he d!ed.

As I woke up from the dream, I couldn’t sleep again, I was just trembling fearfully.

The next day’s morning as I was set to be going to school, I called my Dad to the parlour and narrated the bàd dream to him.

He just sighed, and said it was just a dream.

“Well” I said, as I left to outside.

As I opened the door to outside, I saw my step mum, and she was clapping as she saw me.

“Since the day I saw you, I knew you would be an obstacle to me. I overheard everything you said to your Daddy. Maybe to successfully accomplish this mission, I need to k!ll and eradìcatè you, first of all” She said, as she entered the house.

As I heard this, My heart went out of range, and I was trembling fearfully.

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