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” Are you mad or something? You think you can talk to me like you talk to others? Jesus! See this tadpole? Are you crazy ? I told you my eyes are on you, shebi you think say you fine abi ? You’re Porsche and guys fall for you? You think you’re the fairest among us all? So we should lick your feet ?Lara today you have entered one chance! Today I’m going to grill your face like barbecued fish! there’s no road that you’ll follow home that you won’t see me . You stepped on the tail of the rattle snake, you bit the finger of the devil. Lara you are dead!”

Tega screamed with her manlike voice , that sent the four walls of the class vibrating , and all eyes flew to her

Lara’s heart was beating like an unrhymed beat , from the bottom of a konga drum , she was visibly having a mental breakdown , and panic attack. She wondered why she had come to school that day .

Tega was an aggressive girl feared by boys and girls in the Gwarimpa secondary school, for her massive and gigantic size , plus her affiliation with cult boys in the school, rumors had it that she was the Capone of Aiye confranity, teachers avoided her , students feared and reverred her , she had a bad reputation that even the police station at the opposite the school gate, were tired of arresting her . Lara had mistakenly sprayed ink on Tega, while trying to fix her bad pen , and an attempt to apologize, aggravated the situation, further infuriating the big bully .

Lara knew she was done for , she was literally dead if Tega caught her after school , and she also knew there was no way of escaping that confrontation, because half of the school were her spies, she reigned supreme in every block and class, a mention of her name sends fear down spines , and with handset her boys or girls would call her and give away Lara’s location.

“Lara why are you fidgeting like a chicken that was beaten by heavy rain?”

The was a river of murmuring,

Mrs Ikemefuna , the Economics teacher tried to find out the cause of the noise,. Tega gave her classmates a sour look , as to say “talk to her , and purchase your casket .”

“Nothing ma, nothing ma I’m fine ” Lara said . But she was unsettled,

Throughout the lesson of that afternoon she kept looking over her shoulder to the dragon and lion personified. She dodged out of Mrs Ikemefuna’s class immediately the closing bell rang, the class happened to be the last period of the day ,Lara couldn’t concentrate, she was panicking and wondering what awaited her , at the close of school.

Immediately they rang the bell for close of school around three P.M she jumped out of the class , she was the first to rush out , before Tega could gather her stuffs . She ran towards SS 3A at science block to meet Lora her twin Sister.

She could see some students making calls and pointing towards her , she knew it was Tega calling for war . She ran as fast as her wobbly legs could carry her heavy body . She ran into Lora and her friends heading out of the class .

“Aaahhh Lara, why did you run into me? Are you being chased by a masquerade? “Lara didn’t reply Joy, one of Lora’s best friend.

“Are you okay Lara? Lora asked.

She nodded to say she was fine .

“Then why the trepidation and perspiration? ” Bidemi Lora’s bestie asked.

Lora’s friends roared in a unison of laughter, because Bidemi had a habit of using humongous grammar, that was hard for lay people to understand.

“Abeg no burst the head of this art student oh ! I’ve told you to leave this science and go for law, so you can go and burst the head of the judges in court with this your gbasgbos grammar , but you say no medicine and surgery You want read . Sick people don’t want to hear grammar ohh! Na treatment they want “.

Chinedu one of Lora’s male friends interjected .

Outside the gate , students were standing in anticipation of the Friday fight , news of the pending fight between Lara and Tega, had flown to the rooftops and foundation of the school, normally it was routine and tradition for students to fight in Gwarimpa secondary school every Friday , and the pending fight between Tega the iron lady as she was fondly called and Clara the school beauty who had won the last beauty pageant the social club of the school organized a few weeks ago, against Tega’s best friend Omokaro , was a must watch match. Only Lora and her friends didn’t know what was in wait for them .

Lora and Lara had taken the right bend from the school gate that led to kado bus stop , where they would board a Keke napep to their house in Efab estate when , Tega and her gang of charlatans and rigfraffs blocked them off .

“You chicken! You imbecilical mice ! You verminous crab! You think you’re so pretty, everybody licks your feet I’ve come to lick it too! we should all eat your crap right? You marched the tail of a Rattlesnake, and today you must be beaten .”

Lara hid herself behind her sister, Lora couldn’t understand what business her sister had with the street hooligan and gangster Tega. Tega landed a heavy blow on Lara’s face as she tried to hide behind Lora, Lora was confused,but stepped in defense of her sister, even though she and Lara were never in goodtime, Nobody would hurt her sister in her presence. she was smaller in structure compared to Tega’s mammoth size, but what she lacked in size, she had in stamina, she had mostly male friends and joined their karate and Tekwando classes, she was very strong. Tega never expected to meet such a tough opponent , so the fight dragged on, the students screamed in rush of excitement, jumping up and down and running for safety.

Lora and Tega had a tug of war , pushing her and pushing there, then Lora flipped Tega over and landed on her back , hitting her head on a brick , and she began to bleed, . The crowd of roudy students screamed, it was a mad hysteria , the students had watched Tega the god mother , rule for two years, nobody could challenge or reprort her to the principal, because they feared her gang , It was rumoured that her gang members had burnt rival gang member from the school called biggy in his house why he lay aslesp because he had been part of a gang fight that led death of a member of her fraternity. Tega’s boys couldn’t withstand the humiliation of their godmother , they rushed at Lora, who was now covered in dust from head to toe , and began to kick her head , Lora’s friends joined in the fight , soon the whole school was involved in the fight , gang members versus angry students, who had have enough of Tega tyranny and bullying . At this point Tega brought a dagger from her skirt , and lounged at Lara’s neck , Lora put in her hand and the dagger pierced through her palm hand , Tega pulled out the knife again and tried to plung into Lora’s chest , she dodge and the knife bite into her skin, fetching flesh from her arms , like a lion ripping shreds of flesh,from the bones of it’s prey, the knife fetched Lora’s flesh . The cult members had machetes and clubs in their bag packs instead of books , the street was painted red with oozing flow of burgundy red liquid. It was a gory site like an after riot scene

“Stop there ! If you move I shoot!” One of the police officers from the police station opposite the school gate screamed as they tried to quail the acrimonious upheaval ,they screamed at the top of their voices , The chaotic students , ignored all warnings, rancour and pandemonium evaded the ears of people around , as people began to lock their shops as students jad to smash their tables to get wood and planks to fight back, the armed thugs . It was like a riot from hell.The head of fight got so hot that traffic haulted the police men shot so many shots into the air, teargas made the whole place look like a foggy morning,with white pepperish smoke , emitted from the teargas cannisters, the melee was debilitating, in the heat of the confrontation Tega had escaped with some of her gang members , who were used to evading police arrest . Lara was the only person unscathed by the rigramore, apart from the first blow that started, the fight, she didn’t involve herself in the blood bath, she didn’t like fighting or anything that could soil her flawless skin, her face has swollen from the single blow

Lara , Lora and her friends who continued fighting with Tega’s cult members were arrested. Lora was rushed to the Gwarimpa general hospital in a police van , she had sustained a deep machete cut and had lost so much blood from the stab wounds and kicking to her head .

The doctors at the emergency were used to students being brought from Gwarimpa secondary school to be treated at the hospital for stab wounds. Many times the Victims didn’t survive . This fights happened on a weekly basis, especially on weekends.

Her injuries were treated , the bleeding was still coming over the bandage on her arms , she was given drip . After two hours she was returned to the police station.

At about five PM the IPO called their parents, those who parents couldn’t come that evening would sleep in the police cell till the next day .

Mrs Susan was about closing from the bank at Stambic IBTC Bank Area three Garki when the call from the police station came through.

” Hello madam are you the mother of Lora and Clara Orijafa? She agreed .

“Then you better come to the police station Lifecamp or your children will spend the night In our cell.”

Mrs Susan was shocked , she had to sit on her car for some few minutes to process the information. She had been the sole parent to the two girls , she stopped their father from playing any role In the lives of the twins , because he had gone ahead to marry another woman, he was in a engaged to , before he got into a relationship with Miss Susan . It hurt her and caused her depression, Desmond had tricked the young woman.

He was living in Lagos , he had tried to reach out to her , and her children,but she cut off any likelihood him meeting the girls, they had grown into fine teenagers , with Lora giving her headache, hanging out in the company of boys .

She drove into the station , at six PM , she spent about forty thousand naira to bail her daughters and two of their friends she knew . She drove Joy and Kayode to their bus stop , before turning back to Efab estate.

“Lora !!! You’re a bone in my neck!! Sometimes I wish you were never born! Or you died as a baby Or I had given you up for adoption! You again !!! You went and started a fight , that engulfed the whole school . Can’t you be like your sister Clara? She is quiet and peaceful, you’re erratic and disorganized, you always bring me pains and sorrow , why don’t you just die! And leave me be! when I look at your face and behavior, I see the face of your stupid father , the bastard who got me pregnant and dumped me! God did you need to punish! me with this problem child ?? You broke my relationship, the last time I found love! you seduced him! You snake you crawled up to my bed and slept with my fiance ! ” She was gasping in tears and spittle flew over the place , some touching Lot on the lips . ” You seduced Elliott and slept with him, you made him break up with me . I will never forgive you Lora .What did I do wrong to you Lora, did I commit an offense giving birth to you ?

She screamed at Lora as Clara watched on, Clara Looked at Lora expecting her to speak up ,to tell their mum that she didn’t start the fight , that it was actually Clara’s fight that she only stepped in to rescue her Twin sister . Clara did not own up to anything she climbed up to her room , she was shaken by the near death experience. Lora wept, not from the pain from the stab injuries on her palm , or the the stitch on her arms, she cried for the stab to her heart, her sister had betrayed her , yet again as she had done in the past . The hatred from her mum was a usual soup that Lora ate , her resemblance in character and hobbies to her dad , made her mum saw the man who broke her heart in him . Her mum never believed , that her boyfriend Andrew had groomed her and Clara and abused her while she was only fourteen years old . Or that he succeeded because she was fighting with him to free Clara from his grip, He had let go of Clara and grabbed Lora instead , and stole her flower ,while her mother was working late at the office , Clara never told her mum what happened the evening that uncle Andrew had r@ped Lora. So Mrs Susan went along with Andrew’s narrative, she blamed Lora for making her relationship break .

“I don’t know why God punished me with a child that looks like Desmond, please die and leave me alone , please Lora die! You’re a thorn In my flesh .”

She grabbed her handbag, and flew into her room, banging the door behind her , Lora sat by the sofa,she dropped her bag on the floor beside her, she wept bitterly, asking God to take her life , she constantly fought the urge, to take overdose of one of her mum’s pain killers , to end her misery, because it was too hard to face a mother who despised her and wished her death , and a sister who kept betraying her at every opportunity given, or a father who never cared about her existence or her request to meet him,or his snub on Facebook , because he’d had another family, he loved her siblings and forgot about her.

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