Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

I’m john, 24 years old graduate with no job. I studied electrical engineering in school. But I’m working as a gateman for a month now after seeking for job for two years now. My boss name is Mr Ben Ayo, he is a very busy and successful business man with a very sexy wife who he spends little or no time with.

Nothing in this world could separate me from my wife if she is as sexy as Mrs Kate Ayo. My boss was traveling to Lagos for a reason I no nothing about because I’m just the gateman. It was on Monday morning, he drove out but his wife didn’t seem happy. I wondered why. The next day i was passing by the window when i heard moaning sound coming from inside. I stopped and peeked through and saw kate watching porn and and using her fingers to masturbate and moaning loud. I was surprised and i let out an exclamation ohh!. And i quickly covered my mouth with my hand and ran from there. I didn’t know if she heard but i guess she heard it. Before i knew it she was calling my name.

Kate: John! John

John: yes ma! ( i answered immediately with my heart pounding fast thinking i had lost my job)

Kate:where have you been?

John: i was im my room ma ( i lied)

Kate: follow me..

My heart was pounding even faster, i followed her into her room and she took of the jacket she was wearing and it revealed the bra she was wearing and the sexy panties she was wearing and i was speechless.

Kate: tell me what you saw from the window??..

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