Episode 1

People around scampered to safety as they heard gun shots. Shop owners hastily locked themselves inside their shops while motorist all parked their cars; some ramming into cars ahead of them; some ran away leaving the door of their cars open, while others locked themselves inside their car. Residents within the premises locked up their doors, while some were courageous enough to peep through the windows to grab what was happening.
When it was clear enough that everything had settled, few brave ones made up mostly of street touts who wanted to get the information first and later boast about it (after adding up their own tales) could been seen approaching the scene.

They had barely gathered around the scene when the siren of a coming police patrol team was heard from a distance. In a blink of an eye all of them dispersed while residents leaving around watched from their windows. Some shop owners who had previously locked up peeped from their key holes.
Parking a distance away from the crime scene, a team of four police men from the Special Crimes Department stepped down from their vehicle and approached the scene cautiously, guns at hand and ready to be used.
The Toyota Matrix which blocked the Prado jeep was on ignition with one of the doors open but had no occupant. Two of the police men took over the vehicle while the other two approached the jeep from each side.
From the shattered windscreen, they saw the driver resting on the steering wheel lifeless and beside the car la!d a lifeless body with a face cap.

“Call in the medics,” the ranking officer ordered shifting the pistol beside the dead body away.

One of the officers looking younger than others talked over the walkeytalkey perched on his shoulder.

“This is patrol 04721 requesting for urgent medical support.”
There was a brief silence before a reply came.
“04721 what is your location?”
“Zepan bypass off Airport Avenue.”
“04721 a medical team has been dispatched to your location.”

“Copy that.”
Walking to the back seat, the ranking officer slowly opened the door. Sitting in great shock was a young lady of about 23 years.
“Ma’am are you ok?” he asked as he holstered his gun.

The lady nodded without a word.
“I am officer Owel of the Special Crimes Department. I want you to know that you are safe now.”

The young lady looked at him still stunned.
“Ma’am I need you to step down from the vehicle,” he said offering his hand to support her.

The young lady took his hand as he gently led her down from the vehicle and walked away from it.

“Agent Klin, take her to the hospital,” he commanded handing the young lady to the young agent who earlier called for medical support.

As the agent left with the young lady, the medical team made up of a doctor and three paramedics arrived the venue in an ambulance.


From the moment she saw the guy on face cap place the noose of his gun at her through the glass, she died deep inside. She had closed her eyes waiting for the shot to go off and to feel the bullets pierce her. When she heard two shots; she had waited to feel the pain but it seemed the bullet missed her; so she thought. She opened her eyes in time to see him slump as blood splashed on the window. Frightened, she’d sat still expecting the worst when the door opened and just in a twinkle of an eye a guy on hood dropped a note beside her and b@nged the door shot running off. Not long she heard tires screeching again as a car zoomed pass.

She had clutched the note squeezing it in her hand when she heard the siren of the police patrol team.

The guy on hood watched from his car parked a distance away from the scene. As the agent carrying the young lady left the scene, he waited for some seconds before trailing them.

Beside him la!d the phone which he had taken from the guy on cap

Claire Williams, a twenty-three year old fresh graduate from Harvard Business School is the only child and daughter of late Chief
RalphWilliams, an oil and Business mogul. Tall and fair in complexion with a bottle shaped figure to die for. People always told her of her striking resemblance to her late mum who had died of cancer when she was still a kid.

At 20, Claire had lost her dad to some assassins. The death of her father was a blow she nearly didn’t recover from but all thanks to her only Uncle, Bob and best friend Lizzy. She had abandoned school and mourned her father for months.

After mourning for months, she had gone back to finish her education in other to take over her father’s business which was his dream before he was killed. Also, her friend Lizzy who had come down to Nigeria from London and had refused going back to school without her, influenced her decision.

She had rounded up her education, emerging as the best in her set and after graduation, she left for Nigeria to get incorporated into and learn the rudiments and ethics of her father’s business.

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