Episode 1

The tables were wooden but looked golden from the way they were polished. Same with the chairs Andrew and his friend were sitting on. The air-conditioning was set for when the bar was filled to the maximum, so it was extremely cold with just 3 people in the 12 by 12 room. He held tightly unto the girl on his laps as he engaged in an argument with his friend at the table.

It was 2 in the afternoon, but the room was covered with the heavy blinds, and you couldn’t tell what time it was if you had been inside for a long time. Red light bulbs placed inside the glass floor and a chandelier of yellow light gave the room its only illumination.
The place used to be a small furniture showroom, and the new owner bought the furniture along with the space.

The girl started giving him a lap-dance when a song she liked came on and it didn’t even distract him from the discussion he was having. She had her eyes closed as she moved seductively, rubbing her butt on his g—n. Her black leather skirt went higher and higher, revealing a huge portion of her thick laps, which caught the eye of Andrew’s friend’s who was seated directly opposite them.
Andrew smiled when he saw his friend staring. She opened her eyes and laughed when the room got quiet. She leaned back and whispered in Andrew’s ear before hopping off his lap and doing a catwalk towards the entrance.

“Dude, where do you get these girls from?” Banky, his friend leaned in to ask him. “You have a new girl with you every time we hangout.” He added.

Andrew laughed a little before answering. “I don’t know. I guess the ladies love them some Andrew.” He said and poured himself a drink from the Hennessy bottle. He was scooping up some ice-cubes for his drink as he added, “with my pot belly and all.”

“But dude, for real, you anchor weddings every weekend, but you don’t believe in love. How…”

“Love! Love never helped anyone but the two people in love.” Andrew said, cutting his friend off. He shook his drink gently before continuing. “Love is selfish. Love makes you contented with your life. How many people that changed the world were in love when they did so?” He said and waited for his friends to answer before adding, “That’s right…none. That’s because love is an unnecessarily distraction on your way to success.”

“Well, that’s your theory, I just want to know why then you do what you do?”

“I do it because I am really good at it.” He said with a smile. “ i do it because people are ready to pay me a quarter of a million Naira for it.” Just then his phone rang, and he pulled it out of his pocket with his left hand while his right hand held on to his glass cup. He stared into his phone screen and the smile on his face was replaced by a frown.
And then his whole body tensed up before the glass cup in his hand was shattered by his grip and pieces of glass and ice cubes went flying in every direction.

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