Episode 28

The Suicide Letter

Meanwhile the content of Constance’s suicide letter had read the following;

“I may not have been a responsible wife to you. So many things had led to that. Primarily,due to the sexual victimization gotten from my sister’s husband and the negative incidences of my secondary school.

However, two years in our marriage, when we weren’t getting a child, the doctor had diagnosed me of having pelvic cancer.

The main cause is said to have been traced to the sexual molestation I had as a child. The size of my sister’s husband’s manhood had so affected me internally then, that the negative effects had just began to show up.

Due to the extent of the ailment, I would not be able to give birth

. That was why I always didn’t want you to sleep with me. I knew the cause of my barrenness and I didn’t want you to waste your time for nothing.

In addition the cancer had started to eat me up. All I did was just defence mechanisms to hide my sorrows and still get pleasure.

Why I may be happy that you will have a child now, through my niece, I couldn’t just afford seeing everything go that way. Giving the fact that the cancer was eaten me up too much and I had six months left, I just decided to end it now myself.

Go, look for my niece

. Take her and make yourself happy once more.

Your love

Constance Benjamin”

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