Episode 1

“Push…! Push…! Push…!” The medical team in the labour room kept on screaming. The team was headed by a female doctor. And as it’s typical of some Nigerian Government Doctors, the manner at which they talk to women in the labour room can be so frustrating. Sometimes, their words can be more painful than the labour pain itself.

“My friend, I can’t remember putting that thing inside of you, I’m only trying to be nice by helping you bring it out, so you better cooperate and push, so I can get out of here” the lead doctor said.

However, Helen’s eyes were beginning to dim. Strength was failing her and all she could think of that moment were not the doctors’ statements but the mistake of not yielding to Elizabeth’ advice and having that abortion. Perhaps that would have been a better option than this

. “Aborting a baby and me dying now, which could have actually been better” She thought within herself.

Exactly fifteen months before now, Helen had come to stay with her Aunt in Port-Harcourt. She had just graduated from University of Lagos where she read Economics.

Determined to help her aunt who had been part of helping her financially while in school, she decided to repay her the debt by assisting her in sales of girls-wears in her boutique pending when youth service starts in six months’ time. But before six months could come, everything about Helen seems to have fallen apart

. Safe what she had beneath her chest – the duo still stood firm.

“Helen, you have grown so big. The last time we met face to face, you were still trying to grow some small oranges in front. Am sure men would have all been queuing to be with you before you graduated now? Especially now that what you have are no longer oranges but water melons” Aunty Constance teased her and laughed.

Helen who has always been known to be shy, quickly put her two hands in her face as she if she didn’t want to hear it and smiled gently. Then she said “Aunty Constance abeg oh, don’t come and spoil me, your girl is innocent jare. Meanwhile, water melon is in the eyes of the beholder.” She said and both laughed together

Afterwards, Helen and Aunty Constance had a very long chat while preparing meal for Uncle Marvelous, Aunty Constance’s husband.

Helen told Aunty Constance lots of stories about school. Guys following her about and all. How most of them keep focusing on having sex with her and not really because they loved her.

“I am determined to keep my virginity till marriage oh. Any guy who wants to sleep with me must first be ready to first marry me. I can’t afford to be dumped by one bloody undergraduate who cannot distinguish his right from left yet.” Helen said

“That’s my girl jare. You see, when I was in school then, same was my principle.

. Marvelous had to see my parents before he saw my nakedness oh” Aunty Constance said

Just then Marvelous came in. He was quite exhausted from the day’s work.

“Welcome Darling, how was work today?” Constance said

Ignoring Constance’s statement, he said “Who is this beautiful lady? Her face kind of look familiar” referring to Helen

“Is that why you wouldn’t even answer me?” She said and then hissed.

Then she continued “Well, this is Helen. My niece. The one I told you about that keeps asking for money here and there. She is now a graduate oh. A big girl for that matter.”

Looking at Helen, he said “Young lady, you are welcome. I am sure we would have more time to discuss about your school adventure. Make yourself comfortable”

Helen who had not mentioned a word all these while simply said “Thank you sir.”

Marvelous gently replied “you are welcome” and then winked at her.

Constance didn’t see this. But at that moment, Helen whom it was directed to, began to feel uncomfortable, and then knew something was fishy about Mr. Marvelous Benjamin.

“But one cannot effectively conclude about another just because of a wink?” She thought.

It was barely still day one with the Benjamin’s. She was still safe, though for now.

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