Episode 8


Helen had forgotten the key to the shop at home. This was the first time she was going to the shop alone. So the key was in Constance’s bag.

“Aunty Constance, it’s me Helen. I forgot the key at home.” Helen said as she was opening the front door.

The bag was in Constance’s room, and to prevent Helen from entering, she came out herself with the keys.

“Here is it” She said reluctantly

Constance was sweating as she seems to have already been in the mood.

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. Unfortunately, Helen’s arrival had just spoilt her supposed fun.

“Aunty Constance, this one that you are sweating so early this morning

. Hope you are okay?” Helen asked

“Yes, I’m fine. You can go back to the shop now. I would meet you up later.” Helen said.

Helen noticed the mood and manner at which Constance spoke to her, then she suspected something unusual was happening.

But of course, she didn’t have enough evidence to come to any reasonable conclusion, so she left.

As she went back to the shop, Helen also went back to the dance. But this time around, she was unhindered.

Applying the oil on some parts of her body, she began to use the fruitto give herself the desired pleasure

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. The oil was to grant the cucumber a free flow across the narrow bridge without hindrances and delay.

After Constance was done, she took a nap but woke up with remorse and regret. She knew it wasn’t right for her to have solo sex otherwise known as masturbation, but the more she tries to stop the more pressure she gets to continue in it and she found herself going deeper in it.

This continued for some time without the awareness of Helen or Marvelous, however, no matter how much she engaged in it, she still found a vacuum left in her, she was still not satisfied.

Defiling all odds, she decided to take up her manifesto to Helen and see if she could lure her into joining the escapade. But this would have to be presented little by little.

First, she made it usual and constant to sleep in Helen’s room pretending Marvelous was the cause. Here she took the opportunity to always get naked in Helen’s present.

But no matter how much and often she did that, Helen’s thought didn’t even go to what she expects. Generally, ladies aren’t move by what they see, guys are.

However, on the part of Marvelous, he was so burning with lust already, as his wife no longer sleeps in their matrimonial room. He therefore devised another plan to gratify his urge – Rape.


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