Episode 4

The Lesbians

Constance abnormal sexual escapades had started back in secondary school. It was an all-girls boarding school. And as the customs of most girls’ boarding school are, she would have to perform some domestic duties for her ‘seniors’. Senior Rita was one nobody gets to mess up with. Otherwise you would have to receiving the mal-treatment of your life.

Constance, a 14 year old girl then was unfortunate to have fallen in Senior Rita’s wahala

. She mistakenly stepped on her toes. “But as you know, ignorance is not an excuse. You must receive your own punishment too just like the others” Senior Rita said. Just before Rita and her crew would start the mal-treatment on her, Senior Blessing came to Constance’s rescue. Apparently Senior Blessing may had seen good potentials in Constance prior to now.

Senior Blessing was the principal’s child and by the time she got to SS3 she became the head girl. While Rita and her crew were the tough ladies then in school, Blessing and the cliques under her leadership were untouchable by Rita’s folk. They found joy in liberating those that Rita had put in chains – in form of punishments in this context.

“Well, you may get away today, but you won’t get away tomorrow.” Rita said to Constance.

“It all depends. As long as she is part of my clique, you dare not touch her or you will have me to deal with also”

. Blessing replied Rita on Constance’s behalf. From that day on, Constance was indebted to Blessing and thus became her follower. Only that it came at a cost – the cost of her body.

Two weeks into the Blessing’s clique, Constance was informed of her nomination as part of those to become Blessings school daughter. This is typical for the big girls in boarding school. The small ones who serve as the school daughters become their servants in disguise. They wash their clothes, copy their notes, keep them company and etc. If possible, they probably would write their exams for them too.

Worse of all was, the little girls were to involve in s**ual intercourse with the school mother she is paired with of their cliques. This was not negotiable. If you leave, you become vulnerable to the Rita’s crew and your present may end up becoming worse than what you were.

Pointing at Constance, one of the girls in Blessing’s clique said “You! It’s your turn today. You will sleep in Senior Blessing bunk tonight”

This sent chills down Constance’s spine.

. With that statement, she already knew what the night would entail.

“I thought rescuing me from Senior Rita made Senior Blessing a shield and a blessing for me? But apparently, she isn’t a blessing but a curse. The only difference is that Senior Rita adds violence to hers” Constance thought within herself while going to her room that night. It was thus wiser that when faces with two evils, she chooses the lesser one. Of course, reporting to the Hostel Mistresses was not even an option.

At first, doing it was unpleasant and distasteful, but with time she became used to it. Part of her responsibilities to Blessing included massaging her, rubbing creams on her and using the vibrator on her. This she gets in return.

Time past, Senior Blessing and Rita’s phase passed out. Her set became the new ‘seniors’ and she and her colleagues also subjected younger ones who just came, to same fate that they once faced. And the cycle continued.

Meeting Marvelous in the university and with the disdain with which other individuals treated lesbians, she thought it right to have forsaken that path. But with Marvelous’ five minutes dances, she may just have to return to the old paths. Only that she would have to subject Helen the innocent to such fate as she once faced. And of course, that’s if Helen would agree.

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