Episode 1

I woke up like every other human being today, thou still in bed but reminiscing how mhy life has been in d past few years,mhy name is Charles lucky and am in 3hundred level which is final year hear in college of education ekiadolor benin,am reading adult/pol sci, since have been in this school, mhy life has not always been in a constant direction it has been a definition of ” I don’t no wat tomorrow bring but today I own” have been themed has bad, good, cute, brilliant, social, anti social u name it but nver a cultist, which is like a tradition over here, all guys wants to belong but I just keep mhy kul, both academically and otherwise

But today am happy, I don’t no why maybe because am about graduating soon..we we’re in the middle of our final exam..I was till thinking wen eminem am not afraid blasted out from mhy speaker phone lying close to me,check d caller ken,
Me:owfa mhy guy
Ken: boss I balm o, u still dhy bed
Me: yes but I don wake sha..
Ken: ok boss I b 1 ask weather u still get sub 4 phone make I come use ur phone check somtin 4 net,…. if is one thing ken is gud at, is hw to ask I wouldn’t say beg ..that dude can literally ask u everything ranging 4rom ur phone to other tinz…I remember him asking me to borrow him mhy bed and mhy tv set just 2 impress a new catch, bros u still dhy there his voice brought mhy back 4rom mhy tough
Me:mhy guy I get exam dis moni, I gat use dat phone arrange PM(picture method) is a form of exam malpractice, we’re by u take pictures of ur text book of question u predict might show up* ask colben student if dem there hear dem go tell uwink

Ken: ok boss, enh bros so me wit u get small alignment abeg
Me: watein b dat?
Ken: na mhy cousine sister sandra wa dhy squat wit me
Me: wat abou her, watein sup
Ken: abeg com help me talk to am, u no say na we three they stay dis room , me, she, and mhy babe

Me: u dhy tell me abi u dhy ask me
Ken: she wit mhy babe nor dhy agree nd since she com me nver fit lash mhy babe..dat one don dhy complain
Me: owk I understand ..I no say u need dat lash pass education self..anyway I go check u after mhy paper later na one paper I get to write
Ken: owk boss .u to much I nor fit wait to enter final year like u oo
ME: I don here..tell bleassing make she arrange lam cus me nor dhy eat go exam hall so..and sandra tell her say I go see her later
Not knowing mhy problem is about to begin I huge d call

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