Episode 1

Ebuka Is Back Wit Him Tori Again
Aka Orezi Jnr.

I was in the church on a sunday morning, we the members were happy, the service that day was very intresting and that day happens 2 be our pastor’s birthday, omo see how food dey everywhere, drink pasa lyk mad, that day was lyk celebration and jubilation, i dance like person wey win scholarship to abroad, chop lyk person wey just commot from prison and drink lyk a drunkard.

Everyone Was Dancing,eating And Discussing. I Was Chatting With One Babe Wey Dey My Syd, We Were Getting Along And As A Guyman Wey I Be I Collected Her Number. Naim I C-m Remember Say I Neva Read Friday Episode 4 Coolval, That One Titled Cassandra, That Story Swt Die, Naim I Go One Sit 4 One Guy Front, Dis Guy Don Dey Think Since Him C-m Church, He No Chop Rice, He No Drink, He self No Dance,i C-m Dey Wonder Wetin Dey Trouble Am, Anyway Sha I Have A Story 2 Read Titled Cassandra, The Thing Wey Swt Me 4 That Story B How Val Dey Take Complete D Episodes “Oh Cassandra”, Omo D Thing Swt Me Die.


As i login, come dey read the story, naim i say make i check the one wey i don post titled Mr Gideon, well the story swt sha but am always a learner.

one fine gal c-m pass my front,holding a bottle of coke n fair in complexion, i luk her chest region d tin dey gidigbam,omo i nod head say na d kintin kolah and onihaxy dey like, as i see d girl backyard. my head wan burst, this one na figure 8, well she get am, no be lie.

as i still dey luk the girl naim d guy wey dey my back ask me
hi am joshua,but u can call me josh

me:am Ebuka But U Can Call Roderick

Josh: I Guess, That Your Nickname

Me: Yes It Is

Josh:well, I Have Been Lukin At The Screen Of Ur Phone And I Can C U Are Reading A Story

Me:yes I Am

Josh: What The Title

Me: Cassandra

Josh: That’s Frm Coolval And Are You A Registered Number

Me: Yes I Am

Josh: I’ll Really Like To Tell U The Story Of My Life And I’ll Like U To Write It Down

Me: Hmmmmm, I Don’t Think I Can

Josh: Please Am Begging
Me: Ok I’ll Try My Best


Josh: I’ll Lyk U To Come To My House Tomorrow
He Brought Out A Card, Gave It To Me, The Card Contains His House Address And His Tel-number, I Wanted To Utter Some Words But B4 I Could, Josh Had Already Left.

After Service That Day, I Went Home Depressed, I Kept Thinking Of Josh, Who Might He Be, What Did He Want Frm Me, What Type Of Story Did He Want To Tell Me, Is He A Kidnapper, Is He A Ritualist, All These Words Ran Through My Mind Without An Answer. What If His Stories Are Real, What If His Story Is Expensive, I Made Up My Mind To Go To His House That Morning.

The Next Day I Woke Up Very Early, Clean Everywhere And Tidy My Room, Change My Bedsheet As If I Was Expecting A Visitor. I Called My Friend Victor And Told Him About My Movement, In Case Josh Na Ritualist Or Kidnapper, I Also Took A P Knive, Hid It Under My Belt And Left The House.

I Arrived At Josh House @exactly 10am, I Called Him On Phone And He Told Me To Come In.

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