Episode 5

I never thought I would see the day; a Nigerian actress living in VI, married to a tech tycoon cannot drive a car? Oh please, spare me the awesomeness!

Tifanny’s face was down, apparently embarrassed by her husband’s comment.
Mike didn’t seem to care as he was still smoking his cigar.

I had to do something.

“Where is the location T?” I didn’t realize I had started calling her pet names.

“Saka Tinubu Street” She said wearily.

“I can take you there if you want to”

“Thanks Charles, but I don’t know-”

“It’s okay” Mike interrupted. “You can go with him”

Tiffany looked surprised. “Are you sure about that?” she said with a tiny voice.

“Why not? I promised to take you, thank God Charles is offering to assist, I would be damned not to let him” Mike turned his gaze towards me “Charles please don’t go too fast, you two be safe” on saying that, Mike stood up, walked up to Tiffany and kissed her then he turned to me and shook my hand. He walked towards the staircase. “I will just go upstairs to rest” he said to nobody in particular.

I turned to see Tiffany grinning at me, I grinned back, glad that I was going to give a beautiful actress a ride.

I never knew it was going to be the start of my misery.

Tiffany and I left the compound at about thirty minutes later; I had to wait beside my car while she went back inside to get something.

Arriving at the gate she passed something to the security guy whom I learnt his name was segun. Accelerating towards Saka Tinubu Street I couldn’t help but steal glances at Tiffany’s revealed laps while she applied new make-up. I wondered how Mike could score such a chick, but then I remembered it was the 21st century and everyone seemed to be surviving. It is very common to see older men with ladies young enough to be there daughter and Mike was very rich and influential, even at ninety he would still be in a lot of girls’ dreams.

I had to restrain myself from touching the creamy laps, I wished she were in my bed at that moment; I would do nothing but caress her laps and devour her mouth, curves…

“So tell me Charles what is going on between you and my husband” tiffany brought me back to reality.

Husband? How do you pronounce that word?
That guy should be your dad!

“It’s just business” I said.


I was startled by the response I had to laugh hard.

“We don’t do drugs; we are soon to be co-founders”

She paused and pursed her lip. “What are you founding?”

“A tech start up, haven’t he told you about it?”

“No, he keeps things from me”

Yes because he thinks you are a gold digger. I thought

“Well” I started, trying to change the conversation “How come you don’t know how to drive”

“Come on Charles it’s not a big deal, I grew up in a poor family, never had those luxuries thanks to Mike I got a Nollywood connection” she shrugged.

“So you married him because of the connection”

“Something I am beginning to regret” the said coldly

“Why is that so” I pressed further

“Forget about it Charles, forget I even said that” she had a sad face now.

“Fanny is ok, just tell me, is he abusing you?” I gently placed my hand on her lap.

She looked at me. “I don’t want to mention it”

“Come on you can tell me…”

“Stop the car Charles” she was sobbing now.

“Ok” I pulled to side of the road and matched the brake. Killed the engine then stared at tiffany.

She covered her face with her palms, sobbing uncontrollably.

I was confused as to what to do; suddenly tiffany left the car and started running away from it. I jumped down and chased after her.

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