Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

Charles and Karen had met in NYSC camp Kwara state. Theirs was love at first sight. Everyone talked about them and they said they were meant to be together forever.

Charles loves Karen to a fault. Karen was not only beautiful, but bold and intelligent. She was the outspoken type while Charles was the opposite. After their training, they were each posted to their place of primary assignment. Both of them had hoped to be posted to the same place. Alas!, They were disappointed.

Karen was posted far from Charles and she cried. She kept clinging to Charles and sobbing, but was consoled by the fact that he would visit her twice every month.

During their one year service to the nation, they saw each other frequently. They introduced each other to friends. They also made plans for their future and for Charles, Karen was just the woman of his dream. Karen made it known to Charles that she was a jealous lady and would not condole any other lady around him. She gave so many conditions.

“I will always need money to keep myself attractive and beautiful for you. Try and send me money as often as you can. I need to look good always for you. You must always not be too close to any other female corper. Whenever I come visiting, none of your friends should come knocking on the door. I want to have you all by myself”

Karen gave conditions that Charles didn’t take at face value. He only laughed at the numerous conditions.

As the month goes by, her conditions increased but he cared less. Karen was his gold. She was his first love.

A year later, they pass out of service to take up the responsibilities thrown to them by life. Charles returned to his parents in Abuja, while Karen went to Akwa-Ibom. Charles got a job in a big organization. From time to time, he would travel to Akwa-Ibom to see his heart-throb. Months passed and Karen was yet to get a job and this worried Charles. He tried to pull a few strings for her but it wasn’t working.

Then Charles met his friend Brian in a bank. Surprised, he tapped him on his shoulder.

“Look who’s here?” Charles said laughing

They exchanged pleasantries and when they left the bank, Brian drove to an eatery. There they catch up on old times. Brian told him he now managed his father’s company after the demise of the old man.

“Waoh!” Shouted Charles

“Yes oo” He said smiling “Currently, I need people to fill in some vacant positions”

“For real?” Charles asked


Charles then told him of Karen and how she is searching for a job.

“I have tried to help her but to no avail. Please Brian, can you help me?”

“But she is not here. What of accomodation?”

“Aah! I have actually not given a thought to it. My thought was only to get her a job”

Brian nodded his head and carried his drink

” I am still living with my parents. It’s not proper to ask her to live with me”

” It’s not proper. She is not yet your wife. Can you permit her to live with me? My sister is living with me and they can become friends”

After giving it a thought, Charles agreed. He thanked him. He was happy that at last Karen would get a job. The only snag was the fact that Karen would live with Brian. It did not go down well yet he agreed. He consoled himself with the fact that Karen is a decent girl.

When he got home, he picked his phone, dialled her number. She picked at first ring. It was as if she was expecting his call.

“I called you and you didn’t answer” She fumed.

” I am sorry. My phone was on silence. How are you today?”

Karen ignored the question.

“Don’t keep me waiting next time”

“Alright angel!”

“I’ve got good news for you!”

Charles broke the news to her. She was singing and dancing while he kept laughing.

“Thank you my love” She said.

“Don’t mention. You know I can do anything for you”

“I know!”

Karen raised the issue of accommodation and he told her the arrangement has been made. So excited was she, that she began to profess how much she loves him. Charles promised to wait for her in the park during the weekend.


There was a big disagreement between Stanley and his wife Chioma. He had only just returned from one of his escapade and on this particular morning, he was neatly dressed and with his traveling bag.

“To where?” Chioma asked

“It is none of your business” He retorted

Chioma left the bed to hold him

“You know you can’t just take off like that again. You are always travelling. When would we seat and communicate as couples?” She queried “The kids need to bond with their father. I can’t play your role in their lives” She said gently

“Enough of your preaching Chioma”

” Alright!. Where are you travelling to this time?. I should be able to know where my husband is at any given time” She said holding his hands.

“I said it is none of your business” He said picking his bag from the bed “I will send you money when I get to where I am going.”

Chioma rushed to the door preventing him from leaving the house.

“You never send us money. All you do is promise but never fulfilling any. I am a teacher and the money I receive as salary is never enough. The only thing I am grateful for is the house. Atleast, it’s ours.”

The two kids were already out of their rooms watching their parents argue. They were five and seven years old respectively.

“I love you so much Stanley. Stop treating me like trash. When last did we pray together. When last did we sit together as couple and eat from the same plate. Should I continue?, When last did we bath together or share the same bed. You know how much I love you yet you hurt me like this”

Chioma held his traveling bag and wept.

“Please spend more days with us” she pleaded.

Stanley pushed her out of the way and rushed out of the house. He drove off, leaving Chioma and the kids to cry. Chioma went to the sitting room and sat on the chair holding her head with her two hands. The two kids seeing their weeping mother went to her.

“Daddy is always angry. Why?” Ekene asked Chioma.

“I don’t know” She cried.

“Daddy is not like Pascaline’s daddy. Her father is very good. He drops her in school and tells her bed time stories. But daddy is always in a hurry to go out. Whenever he is around, he presses his phone”

“Ekene is saying the truth mum. He has never looked at my book”

“It’s alright”

She drew them closer to her and began to say wonderful things about her husband.

“Your dad is good”

“Then why are you crying. You are always crying” Nathan told Chioma but she sat up and smiled.

“Listen guys, I was crying because I wanted him to spend more time with us” She said

With heavy heart Chioma prepared her children for school.

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