One-morning Alex woke up late for the first time in his adult life, he had woke up with a hangover, his friends had forced him to the club the night before, where he had so much alcoholic drinks.

“Let’s go to the club and have some fun, who knows we might meet some interesting girls” His friends had told him, at first he had declined but his friends insisted and he agreed reluctantly.

“James and Richard are going to pay for this, they know how I take my work seriously, still they dragged me to the club last night, I can’t believe I woke up at 11:35am” he said as he stared at the wall clock that was in his huge beautiful room.

Alex rushed to the bathroom to have his bath and to prepare for the day. Few minutes later, he came out looking refreshed. He picked out some clothes from his wardrobe. It was a newly bought black designer suit and he reached to his closet to get a pair of shoes, the shoe was also newly bought.

After dressing to perfection. He headed straight to his classic Lamborghini that was packed right inside his huge compound, his driver had been waiting all morning, the middle aged man greeted Alex softly and he responded by nodding his head. Immediately Alex got into the car, the driver started the engine, the security man pressed the gate’s remote to open the gate and once the gate was open, they drove off.

Getting to his company, Alex noticed that he was having a severe headache due to the hangover.

He got down from the car, and headed towards the company’s building, as he walked into the fine building, many greetings was directed to him but he walk past without uttering a word.

Being the CEO of a big company, many people who worked in the company always quiver in fear whenever he was around.

Alex was a ruthless and emotionless boss.

His grand father had started the company many years ago and handed over the management to Alex’s father who expanded and took the company into greater heights and then the company was handed over to Alex, who also expanded the company even more and made the company more greater.

Apart from work, Alex cared so much for his family, his grand dad, his parents and his only sister Princess, were the people that mattered most to him.

Meanwhile, Alex headed straight to the elevator and made it to the 6th floor where his office was located. Alex had gotten into his office when his phone rang. A sweet smile lightened up his face as he saw who was calling

“Dad, Good afternoon” Alex greeted and he sounded so polite.

“Alex my son, since morning I have been trying hard to reach you, I even called your PA, he told me you were not in the office, where have you been?” Alex’s father threw in.

Alex stammered as he didn’t want to annoy his father with the truth.

“Dad. …. I’m ..not feeling well” He managed to say.

“Really? Have you seen a doctor?” Alex’s father asked at once, one could how see how much he cared for his son.

“It’s nothing serious Dad, I just have headache, I will take some some pain killers and rest” Alex responded.

“Ok my son, if you can please come home today, I have something important to discuss with you” Alex’s father concluded and then he hanged up.

That day was a busy day for Alex as he had a lot of paperwork to take care of. But when he checked his time and saw that it was evening already, he stood up and took his suit jacket that he had removed earlier and walked to the elevator and down to his private car park, his driver walked closer to him but he dismissed him.

“Please go home, I’m going to drive myself, I may spend the night at my parents house” he told his driver and he got into his Lamborghini and drove off to his parent’s house. Which was two hours away from the company as he was driving he was in thought, he wondered why his father wants to have a conversation with him.

He was in a deep thought that he didn’t notice a motor bike at the front of his car, he almost ran into the bike, when he stopped the car, the motorbike almost fell to the ground but the rider somehow controlled the situation and parked the motor bike beside the road and Alex came out of his car and was surprised when he saw that the rider was a young lady.

Before Alex would say a word, the beautiful lady entered “do you want to kill me? What’s your problem?” She said seriously and at the same time she was screaming so she could get the attention of the people that were passing bye.

“Stop being a drama queen, uou are safe and I’m safe too, why are you screaming?” Alex entered

The young lady stopped screaming and stared at Alex with a fierce look. There was so much anger in her beautiful eyes and that kept Alex captivated. “How could you say that I’m screaming, when I just escaped death and you are not even remorseful, do you know how scared I was, I had thought you lost control of your car brake or something”The beautiful stranger said still fuming in anger.

“This is a Lamborghini not a cheap car or a cheap motor bike, my car is just two weeks old, it’s perfectly fine” Alex said with a proud tone.

“Oh I see, rich monkey” the lady said at once

“Rich monkey?” Alex repeated and walked closer to her and she gave him a piece of her mind.

“Yes you are Rich monkey, a money miss road, a spoilt brat, this car doesn’t even belong to you, maybe it belongs to your daddy, idiot”

She emphasized the “idiot” with a smirk on her pretty face.

Alex couldn’t help but stare at her beautiful face.

“Why are you abusing me?” Alex managed to say.

“You are arrogant, you think you are special or too big to apologise just because you drive a Lamborghini, to hell with you” The lady said and walked to her motorbike and zoomed off.

Alex went back to his car and drove off.

“I must admit that she is pretty and cute but she so rude, even though she is different from every lady I have ever meet, no woman has ever dared to insult me even when I’m wrong, every woman I have ever met normally apologize to me, begging on my feet whenever they discovered that I have so much money but this girl insulted me so much like I’m a nobody, she called me names, I don’t understand what she meant when she called me “Rich monkey”Alex told himself as he drove towards his parent’s mansion, in few minutes he had gotten to his parent’s mansion and he horned at the gate.

It was so obvious that Alex won’t forget the feisty female rider neither can he resist the GREAT ATTRACTION ? that was pulled between the two of them.

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