” Give me two”the lady said and she put it in a nylon before giving her

She turned to Chelsea “chess are you okay?”

“I don’t know Chloe I feel dizzy”she replied

” It because you haven’t eaten, why don’t you take this and go get something to eat”she said giving her the money she just made

“Alright I’ll he back” she said and left

“Hey love” grey said hugging Chloe

” Hey, where have you been?” She asked

“Went to work” he replied, looking around “where’s chess”

“She went to get herself some food”she replied

” And you? “He asked aching his eyebrow

“Not hungry” she replied

“When are you coming home?” He asked

“Once chess is back” she said and he peck her before leaving


“Where’s my order?” Max asked the receptionist at some hotel

” In your usual room sir”she replied and he left

He took the elevator and went to a room with the number 265

He opened the door and saw a naked girl lying on the king size bed

“Hey handsome” the girl said in a flirty tone

“You ready?” He asked and the girl move closer to him, she unbuckle his belt,pull his trousers down and his boxer.

She started giving him a blow job, she lick his dick like her life depend on it.

Max couldn’t take it anymore, he held her head and started thrusting in and out of her mouth.

He did that until he cum in her mouth, he pushed her on the bed and spread her leg wide enough for him, he went into her

“Umm” she moaned a little, max kept thrusting in and out of her until he became tired.

He took his trousers and handed some money to her “here’s your payment”

He went into the bathroom naked, and when he was done the bitch already left, he wore his clothes and left too

He drove into his compound, he saw his mother car packed in his compound

He sigh as he got down and went to the house,he has an old lady as his maid

“Miss Ava, where’s my Mom?” He ask as the old lady help him with his bag

“Upstairs” she replied

He climbed the stairs and saw his mother sitted on a couch in the second living room in his mansion

“Mom” he called and she turned to him

“Finally I thought you won’t come home tonight” she said

” Why wouldn’t I?”he asked taking a seat

“Where have you been?” His mother asked

“The office” he replied

“Liar,I called your office they said you left almost an hour” she said

” Stop stalking me mom I’m not a kid”he said angrily

“Max what about our discussion?” She asked

“What discussion?” He asked aching his eyebrow

“I want a grandchild” she said

“Mom stop okay, I’m not ready for marriage” he said

“And why? Tell me what else do you need to be ready for marriage? You have enough money, you are capable, what more?”his mother said almost yelling

” Mom”he called

” Don’t mom me,all you do is waste your money and sperm on some low life bitch” she said

” I will marry when I’m ready and you will have your grandchild then”he said

” When is that? Is it when I’m already six feet under ground?” She asked

“You look way to healthy, you are not dying soon”he said

” I want a grandchild and that’s final”she said and took her bag

” Where are you going? It late”he said

” I’m going back to Cuba and I’m not returning until you have a pregnant wife”she said and left

” Seriously, you came all the way to Manila for this?”he said but she didn’t respond

” Max,I think”Mrs Ava tried to say but max cut in ” not again Mrs Ava”

He went to his room and slam the door behind as he fell in his bed

Maxwell loves his mother a lot, so he has no choice but to do something.


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