Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

It was a particular course giving me headache in my finals and I didn’t want an extra year. The lecturer looked like he was bent on frustrating me more when in my last semester he tried molesting me sexually but got a slap from me that resetted his medulla. When I found out he was the coordinator of this course this semester, I knew I was in for a big trouble.

“Joan! Joan! A woman said hitting the desk I was and I raised my head and looked at her. My eyes were red and all she did was drag me from the seat to a corner where I couldn’t help myself.

“Joan what’s the problem? She asked.

“Ma I keep failing, I am trying my best to clear up the problems I am having already but it seems more keep coming, I replied her.

“Joan take it easy, you flipping the pages and disturbing the students won’t solve your problem, or will it? the woman asked.

“But what do you want me to do? I have a test by 2pm today and honestly my head is empty, its like someone used a big spoon to scrap it as if its eating young coconut, I replied.

“Then just calm down and see how you can get one or two things in your head before the time, stop being nervous okay, the woman said and I sniffed and nodded.

“Okay, let me not hear any complain from you again, you can go back, She said and I slowly returned back to my seat.

Let me confess, I am a very slow learner. Despite I have the zeal to learn but its not just working at all, probably that was why my parents silenced my education and concentrated on my smarter siblings because I was just wasting their money failing. I went into hustling but felt insulted to see my siblings schooling and feeling like they are smart, will I be the illiterate one? I was determined and decided to train myself in school, but its getting more difficult for me.

Before I knew it, it was almost time for the test, and the funny thing is, I slept off and it was the woman who came back to wake me up.

I was one regular student in the library, but I was using the desk for sleeping when my eyes sees a book for even 10 minutes.

“Hmmm I wish you luck in the test, the woman said in a mockery tone, but I thanked her for waking me before time, at least that’s more important, then I left.

I got into the hall so afraid, the students were running to get a convenient place for them to sit with a smart partner so they can rub heads together but my only friend then was Precious.

She was not even in the hall and I had to call her,

“They don start? She asked.

“We don dey Sidon for hall o be fast, I replied her.

“Abeg keep seat for me I dey close, she said and I dropped the call when I heard that. I wished it was someone else but Precious was not different from me one bit.

Babe does not even have a book but only attends class during tests or when she’s less busy from her runs. I looked around me and smiled with my mates sitting in front as my own way of telling them “I dey your back o” for help.

Precious hurriedly walked in and sighted me and sat on the empty space beside me.

“How far? Shebi you read? No need to ask you sef, I said and Precious looked at me and blew the chewing gum she had in her mouth and I shook my head.

She quickly tapped the girls sitting in front waving at them and they waved back,

“We dey your back like this o, don’t worry we go show you joy later, Precious said and they smiled nodding.

Precious then looked at me and smiled,

“This one you dey sweat like this, na library you been go read with your coconut head? Precious asked laughing and I felt like using my shoe on her head but the lecturer walked in. He came with 6 guys with him who will be invilating and he quickly spelt out clearly we should behave if not the punishment will be severe.

Precious was not disturbed with his threats at all, she was already adjusting her bums well on the seats so she can giraffe from every corner….. She’s very smart in that aspect though.

The sheets were shared and the questions I saw there ehhnnn, it was only my name I could answer or write down on my answer booklet. Precious looked at me and I cleared my throat, but the lecturer just slowly walked to where I sat and stood there without moving a step.

“Oh my village people have finally won! I said inside me. The little time he shifted from there, one of the boys he brought took over but my hands were shaking.

It was already 5 minutes left and Joan booklet is just carrying her name and Registeration number, it was that bad.

I heard a voice whispering to me and when I looked up, it was the invigilator trying to tell me what to write. I tried within that short minutes to understand his signs and eye contacts and i was able to answer 2 questions before our booklets were collected.

“Omoh this test no get joy at all, but who’s that guy? Precious asked referring to the guy who helped us and I carefully looked at him as he was arranging the booklets with the lecturer,

“I don’t know him and he does not even look familiar, I replied.

“He try for us o, because if na me I for no submit that paper o, that’s too shameful, Precious said but I noticed he winked at me when he wanted leaving with the lecturer and I waved at him back.

“Shebi you say you no know am, wetin i just dey see now? Precious asked and I laughed.

“Your eyes too dey sharp, I no sabi am jare but I really have to thank him, I replied and we slowly left the class but I saw him at a distance without the lecturer.

“Precious let me go thank him, he’s standing alone, I said pointing to him and rushed at once.

“Hi, I said and he turned and saw me at his back.

“Hey, it was difficult in there right? He asked and I bowed my head.

“Thanks for your help, I didn’t expect that, I replied.

“Nah its nothing, just try to read next time to avoid such a situation, he said and I nodded.

“If you don’t mind can I know your name or have your number? I heard myself asked and he smiled.

“I’m Desmond, and my digits are…….. I quickly brought out my phone and typed it down and equally told him my name as I flashed his number immediately.

“Okay I’ll save it, Desmond said.

“Okay, see ya and thanks again, I said and went back to Precious who leaned on a tree watching us.

“Una don exchange number now now now? Precious immediately asked.

“Ahhhh madam! Just in case he gets to invigilate again won’t you need his help? Abeg get out, I jokily said.

“Get out too, I get you like this and you no fit answer those simple questions, Precious said and I laughed hitting her head as we strolled for the next class…………

I and Desmond talked on phone from time to time and I came to find out he’s stuck because he’s unable to clear his fees so he can graduate with his mates. He was on scholarship but death took away his sponsor during his 300level and he’s managing to cope with the debts on his neck.

I felt so bad for him and told him about my weakness in school and he asked to see me.

The next day he came to school and we met and talked at length, it was like I’ve known him for a long time and can’t explain why I was so free and relaxed with him. He offered to help me out in my studies and I laughed. Though he studied a discipline I call a sister to mine, he was very conversant with most of our courses that was why he knows the lecturer and could answer the questions.

Well, I decided to give him a try to see what God can use him to do for me, and I told him to be coming to my place for the tutorials, but I insisted it won’t be for free, which he accepted.

The next day he surprisingly appeared even when I didn’t expect him,

“So you were serious o? I asked letting him in into my small apartment.

“Of course, I really want to help you, he replied and I smiled.

‘You came at the right time then, I was just about eating, please join me, I said getting an extra spoon which we ate and laughed when he joked about my cooking before we rested and got into the tutorials.

A week later, I was so into Desmond. The way he talks so calm, and to crown it all, he was damn intelligent and very handsome. I told Precious about it and she scoffed,

“So what are you trying to say now? You’re falling for a broke guy? She asked.

“Ahhhh I don’t like that tone, don’t forget he’s helping me a lot at least I don sabi something pass you now, I replied her.

“tah make I hear, make e end in him helping you o after all you’re paying him, make I no hear say you don fall in love because I go push you put for gutter, Precious said and i burst out laughing.

“I am very serious o, no carry this fine body give any broke dude to mishandle. If you need guy tell me, I go run am for you, Precious said and I hissed.

“Nonsense talk, I said and Desmond call came on phone which I quickly picked up with all smiles. He asked to see me because he won’t be around in the evening for the tutorial and I told him its fine. Precious was just looking at me as I smiled sheepishly,

“Hiannn this is serious o, but you no think say you senior that guy? She asked and that rung a bell immediately. I slowly took my bag and told her to continue with school for me but that question was really a strong one for me.

Desmond looked very young, and I am 28 years and will be 29 in 3 months time. I just ignored the question and got home and after having my rest for some minutes Desmond arrived.

He began by telling me how he wants to follow his friends at 5pm for a small job he heard them saying so he can have a little cash. All what he said didn’t enter my ears and I dropped the question without thinking twice,

“How old are you?.

He drew back with the question and I saw he was so surprised, maybe I used a tone that scared him I don’t know but I really wanted to know.

“I’ll be 25 next week, why? He asked and I suddenly had chest pain.

He’s the age of my junior brother, I just fell in love with a wrong person entirely and I was very disappointed.

“Joan? He called out when I was so quiet and I coughed,

“Yes, cool, sorry I just wanted to know, I replied him.

“Are you okay? He asked.

“Uhmmm I don’t think so, I feel sick right now, I replied.

“Okay what can I do to help? he asked.

“No no don’t bother, I’ll just rest and that will be all. I don’t think there will be any tutorial today, why not go meet your friends for the job? I asked.

“Are you sure? He asked back.

“Yea don’t worry about that and be careful okay, I replied.

“Alright since you insist. I’ll call to know how you’re faring then, he said.

“Thanks, okay see ya, I said and he slowly left the house, then I called Precious up telling him his age. Precious laughed me to scorn that I had to drop the call pissed off with myself………

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