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I stood in front of the mirror, looking at my reflection. I barely even recognized myself. I could see the aging lines but the glow in my eyes was unmistakable. It wasn’t from the make up even though that was done to perfection, it was from the joy I felt from within. My happiness truly knew no bounds. My lips were pulled into a smile that I had no control over. I smoothed down my elegant looking long yellow dress, making sure it was not wrinkled and flowed out, just like it was supposed to. I heard the door to my bedroom open behind me and looked up to see my two children, Adaobi and Uchenna walk in.

At 21 and 20 years old respectively, Adaobi being the eldest, they looked so matured and had all of their father’s looks. I have always been jealous of that. They looked every inch perfect in their outfits. I smiled at them even more happy.

“You look stunning mum”, Ada said while Uchenna walked forward and gave me a peck on the cheeks. My eyes watered as I hugged him.

”Mum, please don’t start crying, you’ll ruin all the good job that make up artist did”.

”Okay, I will. I am just happy. They’re tears of joy. It has indeed been a journey. I cannot believe I am celebrating my 25 years wedding anniversary with my whole family”.

”We know mum, dad is really blessed to have you”, Adaobi said with smiles on her face. Okay we need to take you out to meet dad and the guests outside. His eyes will definitely pop when he sees you.

As we walked into the compound of our home in Ikoyi, I searched for him with my eyes among the almost 100 guests that had come to celebrate with us and there he was talking to some of his friends. After all these years, King had not lost his touch. He stood tall and proud and as soon as he saw me, he excused himself and began to walk towards me. He now had some grey hair showing. At just over 60 years old, he was definitely looking much younger. Who would believe that King and I would still be married today not to mention celebrating our silver jubilee. He gave me a peck right on the lips and our children mocked us as usual,

”Dad, please stop it already, wait till your wedding night redefined”.

We all laughed at that and the master of ceremony invited us to come sit at the front, thereby starting the programme of events. There was so much food and drinks and all of our dearest friends were there.

My parents had died few years ago but seeing me so happy later in life was so much fulfillment for them. I looked around at all our friends and family. We had really made so many friends over the years. Adaobi stood up to give a speech and I could not stop the flow of tears,

“Today, my brother and I are so delighted to be celebrating our parent’s marital journey. We have learnt so many lessons of life from them. From my father, I have learnt that it is never too late to get it right. He has spent all of his life since we were born instilling the right values in us. He told us about his mistakes and we know to do better.

We have learnt right from wrong because he fathered us right. From our mum, we have learnt the lessons of forgiveness and perseverance. We have learnt not to give up, we have learnt the true meaning of loving even when it is not possible. We are so proud to be their children and watching them as best friends even after 25 years of marriage is such a blessing to our family. Uche and I love you both.”
Even as she ended the speech and the band started to play, my mind drifted back to so long ago when I had thought my marriage was over:
”I remember thinking that King had left my life for good when he packed all his things and left that day but I was wrong, he did not believe he deserved me so he made up his mind to start courting me again and if he could not make me happy within the three months before our divorce proceedings date, then he was going to leave me for good. For the next three months, he sent me flowers, gifts and every kind of romantic gesture I did not expect.

He went to beg my family and while my mum was easily forgiving, my dad took 5 years to finally forgive him”. He sent me text messages begging me and telling me he was getting his life on track. His gifts did nothing to melt my heart but knowing he was going to be a better man was enough for me to give him a chance.

King refused to go back to school, he claimed his children will have all the education he did not have and that was all he needed. He has proven that by making sure Adaobi had already started her PhD at age 21. He got some government contracts and before I knew it, there was absolutely nothing I needed to spend my money on. As soon as I started having kids, I resigned from my job.

King insisted, saying he was going to spend his life taking care of me and I was to spend mine taking care of the kids. Trusting him not to lie was difficult at first, I doubted everything he said, but he never got weary of proving himself to me.”

I felt a tap on my shoulder, my attention was being called. I had totally drifted away from the party, my mind going back to the past. My husband smiled at me, helping me up as we made our way to the make shift dance floor.

“What were you thinking about? King asked as we swayed to the music”.

“Our journey”, was the only answer I could give him and he understood perfectly


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