Episode 13


How can mother suggest that I should feed Jenny romantically, how am I going to do that knowing fully well she is not my fiancee nor wife.

“Justin what are you still waiting for? Feed her nah”

She said.

I guess I got no other choice but to do what she said.

I looked inside her eyes romantically and fed her.

When I was feeding her, I felt this shock around me, this butterflies in the stomach, I have never felt that way for a very long time.

“Yes! I know my grandchild will be so happy at his father fed him, that’s how it suppose to be Justin”

She sounded.

Few minutes later, we were done with the food, I carried the plates to the kitchen.

Mother looks so happy, the happiness was written all over her face at the moment she set her eyes on Jenny thinking that she is my pregnant fiancee, mother has ever wanted me to settle down and give her grandchildren and now that she thought that Jenny is my fiancee she is over whelmed and I dont want ruined this happy moment for her.

I guess I have to pleased with Jenny for us to pretend as husband and wife in the presence of mother once she is back to the village will can continue our normal way.

I went back to meet them at the sitting room, cracking jokes and laughing, mother indeed looks so happy being with her.

I joined them with the jokes and few minutes later mother decided to rest her bones.

“I need to go and rest, good night to you son and you too Jenny and my lovely grandchild”

She said touching Jenny”s tummy.

“Good night to you too mother!

We both said.

“Justin make sure you give his boy in the womb a good night kiss before you sleep”

She said and went up to her room.

“The moment I has been waiting for is now here, Justin what did you told about me?

Jenny asked.

“Nothing Jenny”

“Nothing! Asking nothing! Then why is Mother taking me as her daughter in law?

She asked curiously.

“Jenny see, mother has been distrubing me to settle down and give her grandchildren so as the moment she set her eyes on you she thought you are my fiancee”

I sounded.

“Then we have to tell mother the truth nah”

She said.

“No we can’t”

“Why can’t we?

She asked with her eyes wide opened.

“Jenny you know that the moment mother set her eyes on you I saw this over jot written all over her face, she was excited and I want to ruined her happiness”

I sounded.

“Then what are you saying?

She asked.

“Please Jenny I want us to pretend as husband and wife in front of mother”

I said.

“Pretend as husband and wife! How possible could that be?

She sounded.

“Jenny I know it will not be easy for you to act as my wife but please for the sake of mother’s happiness you have to help me out”

I pleaded.

She breathed and said, “For how long?

“As long as Mother stays with us and once she goes back to the village we can continue our normal way”

I said.

“Okay I will help you out but Mother will definitely find out one day so how will you handle the situation?

She asked.

“Jenny you don’t have to worry about that one when will got to the bridge we shall know how to cross it but as for now Mother is over whelmed with so much happiness I dont want to ruin it for her”

I said.

“Okay as you said, am feeling sleepy I need to go and sleep”

She said as she stood up.

“Okay we can go to bed together, you know we will be sharing the same room as husband and wife”

I said.

“The same room!

“You got nothing to worry about, we will not share the same bed”

I said as we went up to the room.

“Wow! You have a nice room”

She sounded with smiles.

“Thank you Jenny, you can make use of the bed while I use the sofa”

I said.

“No Justin! I can’t sleep on your bed let me use the sofa instead”

She said.

“No Jenny, I don’t the little one to feel uncomfortable so I suggest you should make use of the bed”

I said.

“But are you going to be ok on the sofa?

“Yes dear, I feel comfortable”

I said.

She lie down on the bed as I moved aside to change and take my shower.

After the shower, I checked on her she is still awake.

“You have not slept yet?

“Yes! Am waiting for you?

“Waiting for me!

“Yes Justin, I have a question that is troubling me”

She said.

“And what could that be?

“Justin why is it you don’t want to settle down and give your mother a grandchildren?

She asked.

“You will not understand Jenny”

“Tell me I will understand, did something happened in your past relationship?

He asked.

“Since you insisted to know then let me open up to you, I love and cherish someone with all my heart, she is everything I desire and wanted in a woman, the love I had for was so much that I can’t even stay a seconds without hearing from her,I was drunk and madly in love with her.

Then I decided to propose to her on the day of my birthday but not knowing that my love for her will shattered at that moment, she rejected my prospal and made me to forgot everything concerning love again because the stage she got me into was so much for me to bear, my heart was torn into pieces and the chapter of being in love was closed at that moment.

Now you know the reason why I find it difficult to fell in love”

I explained.

“So bad for you, I can imagine how hurted and traumatized you were but my dear If you Ask me how many times My heart has been broken And I will tell you to look in the sky

And count the stars. So dear this our hearts are meant for breaks up and the only way for us to mend it is to move on with life and forget the past until one day we will see the right one our heart is meant for someone that will not break it”

She encouraged me as she tapped my backside.

“I have heard you and I guess I have to move on and forget the past”

I said.

“Yes Justin you have to, the past will bring you nothing but pains beside if not for any other thing for the sake of mother who always want her son to be happy”

She said.

“Jenny thank you for your word of encouragement, I appreciate it so much”

I said.

“You are welcome Justin, I need to sleep now, good night”

“Good night to you too”

I said as I retried back to the sofa.


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