Episode 1

Nazeal: ok love, see ya!
Hangs up

Uhm, I just finished speaking with my love, mary.
What will i have done without her.

How would i have survived without her love.
Oh lord, you don’t know how grateful am i to u for making me encounter mary.

Oops, i havn’t even introduced myself and i’m prophessing the weight of my love.

My name is Dike .U. Nazeal but my friends call me nazeal. A young teenager whose heart is clouded by love, yes, mary’s love. I think that’s all you gat to know about me
Now talking about love, Mary had been my girlfriend since two years ago that was when we were in S.S.S. 1 and ever since then, i felt completed..

It wasn’t easy getting her, if i could remember vividly, it took me a full
term telling her my mind and convincing her that am the right man for her sincerely speaking, i am.

I went through a lot in compiling all necessary information about her because i felt if i’m to make a move, i will have to get her digits and the lots.

Her digits! Yes, it was one of the things that made me go crazy.

I got her mobile number from her
very close friend but before
she agreed to give me, hell was let loose.


Nazeal: Rose, please gimme her number, i won’t tell her you gave it to me.
Rose: getting angry I don’t have her number. Ah ah, how many times will i
have to tell u that.

Nazeal: And you expect me to believe………
Rose: interrupting Look young man, you believe or not is non of my business, i have already spoken the truth, exucse me.. going away

Nazeal: running towards her Rose, please don’t walk out on me. You don’t how i
feel towards your friend.
I love her…..

Rose: interrupting Then spit it out, tell her.
Nazeal: Which is the more reason i need her number. Can’t you understand?
Rose: sighing hmmm

Nazeal: holding her hands Rose, do me this favor, and i will do anything you ask of me. Please..

She immediately removed her hands from my hand. Chai! This girl no no say na ‘conditon make crayfish bend’.
Rose: Okay okay, I’ll give you but you won’t tell her i gave it to you if she asks.

Nazeal: putting my hands on my chests I cross my heart.

She brings out her mobile phone from her bag

Rose: scrolling though her phone If you agree, then lemme give you the digits
Nazeal: smiling Yes……
Rose: 070*6
Nazeal: Gat it, thanks……

Back To Present

Class : All standing Good afternoon sir
Teacher: waving the class You all may sit down.

**He went to the board and wrote the subject and the topic..

Not again! PHYSICS!

That man that would spend the whole day teaching..

Later pals, gat to receive some lectures.**

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