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-Last Episode

“Is me, brother” my younger sister at the door replied, I exhaled a relief sigh. Ada and Hannah left afterwards, Hannah left her phone behind. I took it and went in search of her to hand it over to her, but she left with Ada to town.

Since, her phone wasn’t locked I scrolled through her gallery and started seeing her pictures, but pictures of Angel with a boy shocked me. I transferred the picture to my phone, I was restless that night. I kept on tossing on my bed till the next morning when tiredness took me to dreamland, I decided to beg for forgiveness even if what Angel did by sending me out of the house I rented with my own hard earned money was wrong.

Hannah stay was a good thing, she buys everything in the house. I was saving heavily, the next day I visited Angel but was told she has travelled back to school for second semester that will start after the next day. I was disturbed and I called her “hello, baby!” I said into the receiver “hello, honey” she replied dryly, her voice devoid of enthusiasm and happiness “Angel, I don’t understand you anymore oh. Why are you rushing to go to school, are you going there to meet your new boyfriend?” I said harshly “rubbish!” She replied and hissed then ended the call.

I was shocked and angered, my senses were not in their right positions that day, everything irritated me. I would have just ignored her totally, but I decided against it because I so much love Angel. When her birthday came at the beginning of the new Semester, I went to an artist to paint a portrait of her to appease her. I find Angel with another boy.

I sobbed as my head remained on the car’s steering, after sometimes I drove straight home ignoring all the police officers greetings on the road that leads to Ahoada. When I got home, Ada wasn’t at home. I lay miserably on my bed and cried out my pains.

I didn’t do anything that day but kept on looking at my phone if Angel will call to say sorry, but she never did. I couldn’t eat or drink water, I stayed miserably on a position. Ada came to beg me to eat something but I didn’t say a thing to her “brother, do you want to kill yourself? There are many girls out there dying for you? You want to die because of a girl, please eat something” she said crying with tears.

“You won’t understand Ada, Angel is my life. The only girl that I have ever loved” I said crying, we cried like we had lost someone special to the cold hands of death that night. The next morning, a thought of killing myself came to my mind.

I wake up as early as 4am and walked to the river, it wasn’t too far from where I lived popularly called Ahoada river. The last time I went swimming I nearly drowned if my friends didn’t come to my aid. I vowed never to go close to the river in my life, so I didn’t know how to swim at all.

I wore slippers so I just removed it and walked into the river, as I proceed the river kept on matching my height until I dive in. I didn’t move for sometimes I allowed the water to move me to the deep side, as I was taking too much water. I struggled for my dear life, all of a sudden something pushed me out of the water.

I appeared on the shore not knowing or understanding how I got there, I wore my slippers as people were coming to the river in their numbers. I went home and saw Hannah and Ada, worriedly waiting for me. They rushed at me at once and hugged me, “where did you go to? Angel told me about it” Hannah said, I almost cried at the mention of her name. “Forget about her, she doesn’t deserve you” Hannah said hugging me tight, I could feel the heat in her body “tell am oh” my sister retorted.

Ada went to school leaving me and Hannah at home, she came to my room and we chatted happily. I forgot all about Angel suddenly “do you want her to come back to you?” Hannah asked me, I nodded. I still love Angel even if she cheated on me “then attend polytechnic na, is just two years and you will have a higher certificate” Hannah suggested. She even promised that she will help me too.

As time went on, I fell in love with Hannah and forgot everything about Angel, I saved a lot of money and I picked the form of a certain Polytechnic in Port-Harcourt at the end of that year. Angel didn’t call neither did I, but I still felt pained. I and Hannah became a couple that year, Hannah is a lioness on bedmatic, she came visiting a night like that when I secured admission, and told me she wants to give me a surprise package.

If life gave me a second chance it did it in form of Hannah, I never heard of Angel again but little I did learnt of her whereabout is in the brothel. We could pass through pains ’cause of love but that shouldn’t mean we should give up on love. Love is the purest gift the God of nature gave us, even in tears and happiness cherish love.

Fate could act it’s drama in our life, that uncertainty and changes makes life precious and sweet, don’t give up! Be strong.

The End..

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