Master Planner (Life As A Virgin)

Episode 1

My names are Queen Chioma OLISA, and i hail from Anambra state. i am 28 years old, a final year student of Mass communication department in UNIZIK… I was born and brought up in Lagos but spend most parts of my education in Anambra state. Initially, i never wanted to further my education because of lack of financial funds in my family but to God be the glory, i started work at a boutique and my boss was a kind-loving woman. she encouraged me to write Jamb exams which i did and had a good result, she was happy about my result but i wasn’t happy…Why??

Because there was no money to further my education but my boss promised to see me through. Oh how happy i was, things went smoothly and before i knew what was happening; I was a student at UNIZIK(Awka, Anambra state)…My parents were so happy, its like we have won a lotto or something, our joy knew no bound.

After making the necessary payments and other relevant school documents, i was finally a student. At first, thing were going smooth until one day i met a girl in my hostel, she is really hot and every man’s dream. I admired her if the truth must be told, she was a 200 level student of business administration, She approached me and the following conversation ensued;

Girl: “Hi, are you new here”?

Queen: “Yes, why do you ask”?

Girl: “Just that your face looks familiar. by the way, am Tonia and you are”?

Queen: “Chioma…Just call me queen”

…..After discussing for close to an hour, we were really into each other, sharing vital information until Tonia fired a question at me!!!!

Tonia: “Are you a Virgin”?

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  1. Give these writer a noble laurette he or she deserves it the most self valued literature because it has educate,inform and transform my thoughts knowledge is power

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