Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

Two months later aftermath of the wedding cancellation, I received a call from Nene. Apparently, she claimed her laptop spoilt and her phone too was stolen.

“Nene, you could’ve gotten a smaller phone to reach out to me knowing that I and your family would be worried sick about you” I told her

“I’m sorry Val. You wouldn’t understand, they literary stole everything from me” Nene said and then, suddenly she started sounding robotic “but even if I look at the moon, I wouldn’t still see the stars”

I was bamboozled, paused for a moment. What does the moon and stars have to do with what we were saying?

“Sweetheart, what do you mean by looking at the moon and not seeing the stars” I asked her promptly but she still maintained same robotic voice “but even if I look at the moon, I wouldn’t still see the stars”

“Nene, are you okay?” I asked but she kept mumbling, “The moon not seeing the stars”. I dropped the call.

I called the regional coordinator to update him and he was being nonchalant so I took it upon myself to go find out what’s really happening. I boarded a red-eye to the North. With Nene’s picture I traced her to a local hotel.

“The woman in the picture? I have seen her. She went with some friends up to the hills” the receptionist told me in a local dialect that I barely managed to understand.

I wondered what friends it could be because I was well aware that Nene told me she had no friends in those parts.

“Sir, don’t go up that hills. Its a dead zone” the receptionist warned. “Dead zone? How come? I have to cos my wife is there” I insisted. She uttered something in a local tongue that I couldn’t understand.

I ignored her and went up the hill in search of Nene. The journey up the hill wasn’t for the feint of heart and when I finally got there, I saw an old big house sitting up there. The house was built in the manner of the Nigeria colonial era. No sign of life was found anywhere not even birds or anything could be heard in the distance. A barb wired fence surrounded the house and on it was a warning sign “DO NOT TRESPASS. GOVERNMENT PROPERTY”. I ignored and proceeded to enter via a hole on the fence. I managed to get close to one of the windows and peeped inside, it was pitch black.

“Thank God I came with a torch” I said in my mind as I proceeded to break in.

With the torchlight I made my way through the house. The owners must be really dirty pigs given the nasty mess that was lying around. I walked deeper into the house as I walked I felt someone was trailing me behind so I’d turn at every slight opportunity to point the torch around but saw no one. I walked till I got to a door, light was penetrating via the keyhole so I peeped through the keyhole and behold, I saw Nene in a badly messed up kitchen, cooking God knows what on a gas cooker that’s stained with blood. Nene’s hair had fallen off at some part, her clothes looked like one who works in a slaughter house. At that point, someone knocked me unconscious from behind…..

To be continued

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