Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 2

I woke up tied to a chair at a dinner table. The dinner table was terribly disgusting; plates of life worms, maggots, rotten intestines of some animal or probably some unfortunate human being festered the table with dried blood. A malnourished family was sitting at the dinner; the husband and the wife who had her eyes almost popping out of its socket. They were so unkempt and smelt like feces, then there was one who looked like their child.. Probably in his mid-twenties with a deformed face and finally, an old paralyzed woman in a wheel chair at the head of the table.

“Wake up Romeo, dinner is served” the malnourished child said as he vomited into his plate and happily munched it with the revolting worms.

I could’ve sworn I puked my bowels out on the table. The wife cackled as the husband dished a plate of the disgusting worms and passed unto to me. My hands were tied together with a fork and knife in it.

“Eat your supper” the husband said. I was so revolted as I struggled to break free and then, Nene appeared with a bowl in hand,

“Nene, is that…. What madness is this? What manner of devil possessed you” I asked her as tears dropped from my eyes

Nene gave me a stone cold look and said “You should’ve never come here, Val”.

“Oh, he should have because now we will be one big happy family” the wife said and cackled again.

The husband stood up and tried to force feed the worms to me but I bit his hands instead and he gave me a resounding slap that had me hearing ‘train horns’ for about a minute.

The wife got mad, she got up from the chair, “He’s ungrateful! He refused our food! He’s ungrateful! You ungrateful bastard” she kept shouting as she ran out of the dinning room like a lunatic. The husband was pissed and warned me to eat the worms or face his wrath before he left the dinning too to attend to his disturbed wife. I’d rather his wrath than those worms I told myself. There was only I, Nene, the deformed child and the paralysed dumb old woman on the wheelchair left in the room.

I watched Nene eating life worms, tears kept flowing down my eyes uncontrollably

“Nene, my darling, this cannot be my Nene. I must be in some kind of nightmare. Nene, what happened to you”

I noticed Nene was herself for a minute as I saw the emotion in her eyes. She struggled with herself to respond to me and silently whispered “Val, help me” but suddenly, her voice became robotic again saying

“Look at the moon, look at the moon” Nene said repeatedly and went back to eating the worms.

While I sat there in shock, processing what just happened, the deformed child finished up his food and left the room leaving only I, Nene and the paralysed woman. I saw an opportunity to break free and utilised it as I used the cutlery in my hand to cut myself loose. I went to where Nene was sitting to take her along with me but Nene started screaming at the top of her voice and stabbed a knife into my palm. I writhed in pain as I took off to find a hiding spot. Nene kept screaming which brought the husband and wife back into the dinning room but I’ve already escaped the dinning.

I didn’t have my torchlight in my possession anymore so I blindly tiptoed my way through the dark house till I saw rays of light coming out from a closed door. I opened the door and behold, the room was clustered with fetish occultic items. At the centre of the room a pentagram was drawn with blood which looked fresh and some writings that I couldn’t understand. Different calabash was placed at strategic positions in the room with smokes coming out from it but the smoke wasn’t hazardous as it didn’t choke me. In the center of the pentagram, I saw a big calabash and inside it were four voodoo dolls tied together coated with life worms and feces. The air in the room was terribly polluted so I removed the handkerchief in my pocket to cover my nose. I critically analysed the occultic items in the room and that was when I saw ‘The Moon’. I wanted to get a closer look at it but I heard footsteps and I quickly hid behind one of the curtains hanging over the window.

The paralysed old woman entered the room on her wheelchair and then to my greatest shock, she stood up from the wheelchair. She had another voodoo doll in her as she muttered something I couldn’t hear. A phone started ringing, it was hers as she removed a phone from her pocket

“His Excellency… I told you not to worry, the Presidential seat is already yours to win….yes sir, the human sacrifices are alive and getting ready, I’m making sure of that. Babban Mayya is pleased” she replied with a youthful voice to my surprise.

As I stood behind the curtain eavesdropping, I had goosebumps with chills running down my spine. So my sweet Nene is being brainwashed to be used for election sacrifice?

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