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Its been three days since I winded up in this wild lunatic family. Its truly been a game of cat and mouse with its occupants as I and Abibat fought to escape this living nightmare but it seems to be never-ending. The house was way bigger than I thought and if I’m not mistaken, it should be a mansion. All communication to the outside world was cut off, only the old woman has a working phone and none of the others knew about it except I and Abibat whom I’ve shared the revelation with. We so badly needed to call the outside to let them know what’s happening within these walls.

After the wife became unconscious, we escaped the room and with the aid of a torchlight we found, we made our way through the dark house, searching for the exit door.

“I can’t leave without Nene. I came here for her, there’s no way I’m abandoning her here to escape” I told Abibat.

“You’re not abandoning her. We need to get out of here and get help. Whatever evil is happening within these walls are bigger than you and I. You can’t help your fiancé like this” Abibat said and I saw reason in her words but I still felt I should somehow bring Nene along with me.

We heard heavy breathing within the darkness. We pointed torch at all direction but only the dark room stared back at us yet we could hear the sound of someone breathing heavily amongst us. As we walked, the breathing sound followed us and it prompted us to hasten our pace till we entered a sitting room. The rays of moonlight entering the room via the broken windows availed us the vision to see the setup of the sitting room. There was an old cupboard styled television sitting on a stool at the far end of the room with dirty old torn upholstery and I saw something like a white cloth on one of the upholstery. Abibat found a switch and turned it on. As the yellow bulb lighted up the room, there was the husband shooting evil looks at us with a machete in his hand.

He yelled something in a local dialect, Abibat obviously understood him as she was still trying to explain. I didn’t have the luxury to entertain the bullshit, I was fed up. Brewing with anger, I was ready to end it all there and now as I charged towards the husband not minding the machete in his hand. My intentions were to beat the ‘living daylight’ out of him. I landed a heavy punch to his abdominal but instead of writhing in pain, he cackled and slashed off my wrist clean from my hand with his machete. I wailed in agony as the wrist fell on the floor with blood gushing, Abibat stood where she was in fear of facing same fate.

“Nobody can save you now! No one knows you’re here. The entire country doesn’t even know this place exist only few men of calibre who created this family for their gain is aware of us” the husband revealed as came close to me but I kept backing out as I was writhing in pain.

The pain from the cut stung like a scorpion’s venom. My blood was gushing out, I would soon pass out from excess blood loss and it gave the husband so much joy. Abibat ran out of the room, the husband didn’t bother to chase after her. He had me pinned down and he raised his machete to finally lay the death blow that would end my already miserable life, my life flashed before my eyes. Before the machete would come down, I heard Nene’s voice, she pleaded with the husband

“Please don’t hurt him! I beg of you, it’s me you want not him”

The husband paused, looked at her and then, back at me. Nene continued

“Let him go, please. I swear on his behalf if you let him go, he will never tell anybody of this place”

“The only way I will let him go is if he looks into the moon. That way I will be sure the outside never knows of this place” the husband said to Nene who didn’t buy the idea.

Even though I was in severe pains, I was consoled by the fact that Nene was back to her senses. I wasn’t going to let this opportunity pass me by as I ceased the distraction and kicked the husband on his balls. It left him vulnerable as I got up still in pains and ran away with Nene. We met up with Abibat who was hiding and together we wandered the house searching for an exit door.

Meanwhile in the ritual room, the old woman was back again. She was making incantations and enchantments using the voodoo dolls which I later discovered that she was using it as a representation of us; by us I mean myself, Nene, the deformed child, the husband and the wife. She had hexed the five of us, the husband and the wife were very much under her manipulation. Nene’s own seem to have broken when Abibat mistakenly spilt the contents of the calabash on the floor.

“Babe, its been hell. I feel sick, I’ve been feeding on rotten food and worms all those months I’ve been lost” Nene narrated to me while we were still wandering in the hallway of the house. She continued “The wife and the husband are under manipulation too. They’ve been like that for six years, the old woman uses them to gather people she uses for ritual. I’ve missed you”

Nene tried to kiss me but I declined, the thought of the nasty pile of rubbish she’s been ingesting in the name of food made me revolt. I only hugged while minding my arm which we had used a cloth to tie around it, to reduce the bleeding. We finally found an exit door but before we could make use of it, the old woman stood in our way.

“You’re never leaving this house. Over my dead body” she said as she stood her ground.

Nene closed her eyes. She started singing praises which left me confused at first because the old woman was walking towards us and we needed to find an escape

“What is your fiancé doing? This is not the time for this” Abibat said.

“Nene stop this joke, we have to leave here now” but Nene was adamant as she continued singing and next, she started praying.

I dragged Nene with me as she kept praying. We were gradually moving away from the old woman when something happened. An invisible force lifted the old woman from the ground and slammed her hard on her back. She screamed in agony as we ran past her and exited the door.

We finally escaped the walls of the troubled house and ran straight downhill . As I, Nene and Abibat came down from the hill, we were looking like mad people who escaped an angry mob. Our hair were dirty like pigs, our clothes were nasty and smelt like a sewage channel. People who saw us shifted away from us like we were lepers.

“We need to get to a hospital” Nene said

“No, we need to report this case and then get medical help. We can’t leave those people back there. Their families and friends are all looking for them. Let’s not deny them one more day of reuniting with their loved ones” I told Nene and Abibat.

We reported the case to the village heads as we didn’t see any police station nearby. They arranged and took us to a hospital in the urban part of the state to get medical help. While we were at the hospital, I heard the villagers led a party that went up the hill and tore down the troubled house. The missing persons were saved and returned to their various families. The old woman was not found, just the husband and wife were arrested. Pictures of top government officials were found in the troubled house which ultimately led to the state government shutting down the case. The villagers out of anger, burned down the house and kept watch at the hills.

After spending a month in the hospital, family and friend visited as we shared our testimony with them. We were finally discharged to head back home so we boarded a flight back to our


“I thought I’d lost you” I said to Nene as I looked into her eyes, burning with passion.

“You can never lose me, Val. I will always be with you right here” Nene referring to my heart. “Now till eternity, I love you” Nene finished off and we shared a passionate kiss.

“E choke o! God when!” Abibat jokingly said as she interrupted the moment. We all laughed.

The old woman is still at large. I may have lost my wrist but I was darn happy I have my sweet Nene back.







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