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Mrs Adie complained to her husband late in the night .

” Susan I don’t see the reason for the fuse ! Give her sometime she’ll pick up .”

Mrs Susan had never been a one to hear her husband she always had her way .

” No honey I don’t want my daughter to be average I want her to be top of the class, I have talked to Imaji she would get us a good lesson teacher .”

Mrs Adie was obviously unhappy with the recalcitrant nature of Susan she always must have her way if they would be peace .

” Susan I’m not ready for an argument. Since you’re the husband of the house , go ahead and do whatever you want . Of you’ve already spoken to Imaji why are you consulting me ?

Mr Adie left the bedroom for the sitting room . The lesson teacher came , she was a young woman of about twenty nine . When Mr Adie saw his wife interviewing her ,his spirit was restless ,he didn’t approved of her .

” Mum I don’t like that teacher , her face turns to Lion anytime I run into her in school”.

Mrs Susan was exasperated by this comment she asked the Vera to be quiet.

” Susan let that girl express herself . I don’t like that girl too my spirit doesn’t connect with her .”

Mrs Susan started quarrelling .

” You never wanted me to get her a lesson teacher in the first place , why would you not employ every antic to send br away?

Mr Adie ignored her and went back to phone.

The lesson teacher was good at her work , she was also a teacher from Crownford Elementary School . She was polite and lovely , Mrs Susan wondered why her husband hated the young lady .

Vera was improving drastically , that term she came fifth in class from her tenth position.

Mrs Imini came with a gift for Vera ,she took it to show her mum .

“Mummy miss Imini gave me this chocolate can I eat it ?

Her dad looked up from the newspaper he was reading .

” Yes you can baby .”

Mr Adie hummed and went back to his newspaper. Vera ran back to Miss Imini . He was wondering why his wife would allow their daughter take a snack from her lesson teacher when she knew they had all variety of snacks in the storeroom.

Mrs Susan was surprised to wake up and see the kitchen scattered like a dump hill, she called Rinky the house maid to know what happened.

” Madam I cleaned everything and tied It in the trash bag I don’t know who scattered it .”

She asked Rinky to call the kids from their rooms .

” Which of you came into the kitchen to trash contents of the waste bag around ?

None of her three kids replied , she looked at Vera she was filthy, she asked

” Vera baby did you eat from the wastebin? Come here baby you look so dirty ! Why did you trash the kitchen?

Vera started crying , her mum was soft on her .

“Baby why are you crying ? Is mummy mean to you ?

She shook her head .

” So why are you crying ? Did you trash the kitchen ?”

She nodded her head again

” Why did you trash the kitchen baby?

Vera stared blankly into the wall

“They make me do it .”

This she said like a whimper . Mrs Susan asked the children to go prepare for school .

” Who made you do it baby ?”

She was quiet .

“Please baby talk to me , who made you ?

She pointed to the wall

” They made me do it !

” Baby they who ?”

” Miss Imini!

She started crying , her mum was confused .

” Baby I don’t know what game you’re playing ! But I won’t ask miss Imini to go away ! If that’s why you’re playing this game ! You have to do better .”

Vera cried and ran upstairs Into her room .

Mr Adie who was about heading out to work saw her running up without greeting him . Was surprised.

” Honey why is Vera crying?

” Oh baby it’s kids and their tricks , she wants me to send Miss Imini her lesson teacher away and that trick cannot work on me , I know what am saying I’m a psychologist”

It was several weeks after the last incidence, Vera was always feeling tired , her dad came to wake her up to prepare for school , she refused to leave the bed , when he insisted she started crying.

” Baby why are you crying ?”

Mr Adie was surprised because it was a strange behavior, Vera used to be the first to wake up to prepare for school among her siblings.

” Daddy why did you wake me up ? I’m tired and sleepy “.

She was still crying?

” Baby why are you tired and sleepy? Didn’t you sleep last night ? Or don’t you want to go to school today ? It’s Monday !

She kept on crying .

” Daddy I’m tired I couldn’t sleep all through the night “.

Mr Adie was obviously perplexed.

“Are you sick baby ?

She shook her head .

“I went for a meeting in New Delhi India , our flight arrived Nigeria very late around five A.M, I want to sleep , I don’t want to go to school today..”

Mr Adie was bamboozled by his daughter’s comment . He cut her off and called for her mother .

“Susan baby please come up here ! Come and hear what your daughter is saying”.

Mrs Susan came ran up

” What is it honey ?

” Your daughter said she went to India last night , and came back late this morning, and is too tired to go to school today !

Mrs Susan wasn’t happy with her husband that he dragged her from what she was doing in the kitchen, supervising the maids as they prepared breakfast to come and listen to fables and telltales. Mrs Susan being a psychologist had seen all kinds of kids with imaginations , she was hard to convince.

” Now pilot Vera get into the bathroom so Rinky can bath you and get ready for school.”

Vera got dressed Rinky and Sambo the driver who was the children’s driver drove Mrs Susan’s children to school.

The teachers in school noticed change in Vera that she was becoming introverted and disobedient to teachers , she was no longer the cheerful girl she used to be , they called her parents , her mum summed it up as part of growth and behavioral change due to growth and change of environment .

Mrs Susan woke up another day to see the dinning table and space on the ground littered with plates of rice and chicken stew from the previous night . As if there was an overnight party .

More than thirty empty plates of rice.

She was shocked she called her husband who called Rinky, the chef and their two sons who came to see the shocker .

” Please I don’t understand what’s happening in this house anymore , last week all the meat in the pot of stew disappeared, on Monday the whole soup disappeared from the pot of soup now the stew the chef prepared for today Sunday see rice was boiled , and all the stew and chicken was eaten , which of you did this ?

Everyone was quiet , Vera turned and started walking away

“Vera come back here who said you could go ?

Vera turned back and looked her mother in a strange way, she turned and walked to her room. Her dad was speechless he went back to his room ,it was strange .

Mr Adie was checking on his kids for the night when he got to Vera’s room. He heard Vera talking to herself in a way like she was discussing with an adult.

” You’re funny Jackson , you ran away when the pastor was praying , I will go and off his light, Monye can you imagine what aunt Cynthia was saying ? I will give her a running stomach ”

She laughed with her imaginary friends.

” Douglas you’re those most wicked in this coven , you removed the woman’s baby and put yam in her stomach .”

She laughed again . Mr Adie was gripped with fear , he silently opened the door of her room , she was sitting crossed leg on her bed talking to the wall like some people where there .

One of her coven member told her that somebody was in the room . She immediately lie down and began to fake a sleep.

” Baby who are you talking to ?

Vera was pretending that she was asleep.

” Vera baby I know you’re not sleeping, baby you’re scaring me , who are you talking to ?”

Vera turned and faced her dad , her eyes where burning red like embers of fire .

She spoke in a harsh manly demonic voice .

” I was talking to nobody ! Now leave my room !!!

Mr Adie was confused he ran out of the room .

” Honey I think Vera is possessed , I think it has something to do with the lesson teacher you brought,I met her talking to people in her room this evening she asked me to get out of her room .”

Mrs Susan was still not convinced .

” Honey you worry yourself too much , this is what we see in the clinic , children talk to imaginary friends it’s a normal thing , don’t make a big deal out of it “.

Mr Adie wasn’t convinced he decided to go check on Vera after some hours to see how she was doing. He meet her sleeping upsidedown putting her legs on the wall as if she was walking on the wall . He carried her and lay her well , covered her with the duvet , before he could leave the room , she rotated and put her legs back on the wall as she was before, Mr Adie had a strange feeling of presence of other people in the room , he left and wen to his room .

Mr Adie had no doubt that Vera was no longer the child he knew , they was something strange happening to her .

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