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Dupe and her children landed at Mr Hendricks house. She was received warmly.

…… Mrs Hendricks really have a large heart. She accepted the children as if she knew them from somewhere.

……. She gave them special attention as mother should. Dupe was just learning everyday.

Few days later, Dupe was done with her school processions and resumed school immediately.

.. ……

She was the champion In her field.

She was cherished and loved by everyone one, particularly her lecturers.

“Dupe, you really showed us there’s more in Africa than we first thought” Mr Stones one of her lecturers commented in one of their project presentation.

.. …… Sincerely speaking, Dupe is very good in academy. She was just the best .




.Four years later, Dupe graduated as a lawyer . Not only did she just graduated the best, but have laid foundation that no matter the condition you can still make it.

Seun and darasimi have now grown, they were in grade 1.

“Hewe gyayi we had a nish day” Darasimi told Mrs Hendricks as she went to pick them from school with her sweet accent.

” Waw ….. That is soooo great LOVE. Hope you had a good time too Jonathan?” Mrs Hendricks asked.

” Yes ma” He nodded…

“Hello angel!” Gerald greeted Dupe as she dressed up. “You too like play ooo , Don’t you see IAM in serious mood nah” she smirked as she checked herself in the mirror.

She just parked her hair, wore a short gown and applied a little make up,.

Go and choose which shoe will go with this gown please” she ordered as she twist infront of the mirror to make sure she is perfectly ok.

“You are busy sending sending me I don’t know where you are going to” Gerald murmured as he search for the marching shoes.

” Oohhh sorry I didn’t tell you?

I have been invited for a TV show in Brexit. One of our lecturer pleaded with me to go and …..” She didn’t complete her statement when he interrupted.

Ok ma,just come back early oooo.Infact I want to follow you” he pleaded.

Back to Dupe’s village

…….. For some years now, Bisi have wanting to hear from Dupe but don’t how to contact her.

She remembered those times she hated her. How her wickedness made her missed a whole rare scholarship that the poor girl got.

“Nothing is indeed permanent, Dupe I don’t know where you are now, but wherever you are just know that I’m deeply sorry….

I know I can’t reverse things now but I just want to see you even just once.

…… Nuella was sent out of school because of school fees


….. After she went home, Bisi got married but wasn’t happy with her marriage. It have been from one problem to another.

She was not able to conceive again and this made her in_laws hate her Soo much.

There is nothing she could ever do to please them.

“Bisi I want a child, I can’t marry you and keep you in this house like a stature.

….” See everybody that I know that got married even the ones that marry after us have atleast two children. I don’t know why you can’t just give me a simple child” Mr Yemi Bisi’s husband kept throwing bitter words at her.

She have not known peace since she got married. Mr Yemi hate Nuella with all hatred. Claiming that she is not his daughter and Never can she ever be his daughter…

The maltreatment Nuella received from her step father Mr Yemi really leave Bisi with bunch of. Worries…..

“Could it be that God is taking revenge on behalf of Dupe??? Or is it another sort of cause befalling me? ” She asked herself in one of her sleepless nights.

Did I hear you say sleepless nights? Yes Bisi don’t sleep. All night she is just thinking. Thinking of how she could solve the problem before her and how she could get to Dupe if she is alive at all.

She wished she could reverse even one day with Dupe to reset things but time is said to be irreversible thing .

…… . Dupe came back from her show and it was indeed a great day for her.

She couldn’t believed even the top Rich, and famous hot cake of the town are pressing to have a word with her. After the presentation, cameras are running all over her to have her picture.

Gerald was walking with pride beside her as she was really gracing his feet.

“Ma, please how were you able to scaled through in life despite the challenges you went to through? ” One of the interviewers questioned sensibly.

Dupe couldn’t answer as another person pressed another question.

She just have pushed forward to create space for her to pass.

She got home soooo fulfilled.

“Mummy welcome” her children ran to her arms and hugged her.

She carried them and went in. Tears of joy streamed down her eyes

….. “The joy I lost many years ago is back to me” she said embracing her kids.

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