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Modupe’s news went viral on social.

The outstanding African who came out with Excellently performance and was outstanding.

“Just looked at this young girl, a single mother at her age doing greatly well.Her academic performance is what captured me. This is what we want to see in Africa young people pressing forward irrespective of their challenges” Mr Coker Raymond’s Friend showed him the video on u-tube. The young was lady was looking Soo brave, bold and beautiful.

Raymond collected the phone from his friend and re-played the video again.

‘i know this lady this is my wife’s cousin nah” Raymond shouted in excitement.

” Oga, Raymond so you get this kind fine intelligent in_law and you didn’t even bother to introduce her to us? Even not for me what of Kingsley my brother that work in Canada, I mean the one I told you about now. Atleast they will match perfectly. This girl na coolval stories hot cake oooo” Mr Coker boosted with pride reviewing her picture again.

Modupe was really looking beautiful.

The weather have polished her chocolate skin. She glowing and radiating.

Her breast are still firm and focusing straight forward. Her curves are now properly planted and most of all are loaded in their right proportions.

“Sorry ooooo, she was little by then that is why. I wanted her to ripe properly before any attempt from anywhere” Raymond replied trying to access the video in his phone.

……..” Oboy, is now IAM seeing her very well, this girl is a destined child” he commented as he watched the concluding part of the video. “IAM Modupe Tayo cherish” the video cut.

…… “This is my sister in_law” Raymond can’t stop introduce the girl. He have said that over and over but can’t just help than to be repeating it

He quickly searched her on Facebook. He read her profile over and over again..

….. In her profile, he saw where Dupe posted the picture of her children

“My beautiful Angels,Love and Jonathan’ she captioned and tagged Gerald Hendricks.

Raymond was confused. He recalled how he forced himself in her. He recalled what happened that night.

“Could it be that she is now married with kids? Or what happened that night resulted to what IAM seeing ni????? Raymond was caught in the web of thought

“Haaaaaaaaaa,” he sighed and scrolled down for more information.

He saw where she posted she, Gerald and the kids. She captioned ‘my family my happiness’ they were at the beach.

Lalalala hmmmm Raymond couldn’t hold himself any longer.

“Do you think she is married or what?” Raymond showed Coker the picture he saw. He even saved some.

” You are hearing, people are saying ‘,Our lady, Miss Dupe’ Does that sounds like she is married? After all if she is married, she would have changed her surname or added the man’s name there” Mr Coker explained.

” Wait ooooo why am I explaining this to you? I thought you say she is your sister in_law aren’t you supposed to know things about her better than me? ” Coker was confused…

” Yes iam, but I told you she was a kid when she left Naija now” he defended himself.

” Weldon ooo” Coker said.

Raymond immediately sent her friend request.

“Good luck ooooo, I pray she accept your friend request ooo because I sent her friend request, since last month, she didn’t even accept me talk more of chat upto now” Coker mocked.

Immediately Raymond reached home, he showed his wife the video,. “dear come and see something oooo” he called.

She ran to him. He showed the video.

” Hmmmm’this video is viral all over social media now ooo, the black girl that proved Africans are endowed, she is really brilliant and have good people for her to beat the whites that they claimed they are the fountain of knowledge.” Sade commented.

” This is Modupe, your cousin, The Dupe you hated soooo much some years back. The Dupe you never care to Know her where about because you don’t like her” Raymond washed her brain, as she watch the video. ‘I remain Modupe Tayo cherish’ the video cut and Sade nearly fainted.

“Yeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeye, Je……….. Su…….. ” Dear , yes ooo is Modupe, the dupe of Ibadan, the Dupe I threw ……. Heeeeeeeeeeeen” she moaned.

” Look at these” Raymond said showing her the pictures..

Her lovely children, her new beautiful family.

“Dear, this Is Dupe nahhhh” Sade clapped

“, Before are you still doubting it? I have sent her friend request self” he bragged.

All Raymond’s thought was the kids are his… Though Sade don’t know about it. But his plans is to collect his children when they resolved things with Modupe. Those kids are too cute for him to leave.

Sade quickly send Modupe friend request

She was hoping for her to respond.

She have already written long write up to her even before she accept it.

…. Sade went about bragging about the girl whose video is going viral on Media.

“She is my brother’s daughter” she announces anytime she come across people watching it or discussing about her.

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