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Modupe opened her eyes slowly in the clinic. Everybody sighed out relieved.

“Where are we? Did I finish signing the agreement statement?, Where is coper Henry? How is the scholarship now? “Dupe questioned breathlessly and this stimulated tears on people’s faces.

Guilt engulfed Bisi as she looked at the poor girl laid helplessly asking questions.

.. “Dupe you are a very strong girl. By the time you are strong enough, you will go to school ok?”one of the nurses consoled her.

When she recoverd fully, The truth was revealed to her.

“We are sooo sorry Dupe, you are indeed a great child, but the day you were supposed to go for the signing you were in the hospital,. Am scared we lost the opportunity” Her class told her calmly knowing how interested she was in the scholarship of a thing.

_ Dupe cried out her life.The opportunity she have been looking for have just came and slipped out without her doing anything about it. Could she ever forgive Bisi??

…… Two months later, Bisi put to birth a baby girl.

… She was named Nuella. Dupe was happy that she now have a sister.

After some months of Nuella’s arrival, Dupe graduated from her Junior school and her result was Excellent.

____She just clocked 15years on the 12.

Since her husband was no more and she has respected him and waited to deliver the baby in her father’s house, Bisi decided to go back to her parent’s house.Atleast she was still young to marry.

…. Dupe have to find where to stay as she don’t want to go with Bisi.

…. Aunty Sade, Mr Tayo’s sister who live in Lagos said she will take Modupe to stay with her She promised to see her through with her education and support her in any area of life..

…… They parted with Bisi, as Dupe moved to Aunty’s Sade house for her journey…

“La. gos.. haaaaaaa” Dupe was soooooo excited. All those. Exciting things she used to see in Tv she will now see them live and direct.

“Wawooooo, what a step of greatness.

… But her excitement quenched off immediately she remembered how Bisi treated her…

“Ohhhh lord I pray life wont be hard for me.. at this stage”

…. I have never stay with this aunty even for one day before… Lord smoothen the journey of this life” She prayed silently as she laid her head of the pillow she was Sharing with Dorathy.

It was early morning on Saturday. The Ibadan express way was busy as people who went for Christmas break were rushing back to their various destinations.

“Dorathy, will you be fast with that bag please, useless girl, since 5am that you woke up I don’t know what you been doing” Aunty Sade sounded harshly on Dorathy the house girl.

” Hmmmmm, on top the matter again!!!” Dupe whispered to herself gently.. “this one IAM hearing this kind of statement this early morning hope lord IAM safe? ” She asked as she dragged her torn Ghana must go into the butt..

The next thing she heard was the car engine igniting..

She was sitting at the back of the car with the house girl carrying the two years old Tiwa. And Sade sat at the front with the driver.

…. “Did you give the girl the golden morn, or you are expecting me to be telling you everything? ” Aunty Sade’s voice rang from the front and Dorathy began to unzip the big bag that contain many baby’s things for the golden morn.

…… “Pim pimmmmmmmmmm” the car honed and the giant gate rolled as the limousine, slowly get into the big mansion. …

“Hmmm, another route of the journey,lord give me grace to stand” Dupe prayed as she come down from the car

_ “we are home.. .” Jude shouted as they alighted from the car…

…… Everyone moved in as Dupe Carry her bag behind.. admiring the house…

The driver removed the luggage.

“Oya Dora, take her to your room, you people should go and fix something for us to eat.. ” aunty Sade commanded.

Dorathy lead the way and Dupe followed humbly…


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